Sounds Like There’s a District 10 In the Works

There isn’t much else that’s being said at this point when it comes to District 10, but the revealing news that there’s a screenplay in the works appears to be getting people up and ready to see what will come with the way the first movie ended. Whether Christopher, the alien who finally escaped at the end of the first movie, will really come back, or if Wikus, the poor human that was turned into one of the aliens in the first movie, can be changed back are questions that people want to see answered. Plus, knowing if District 10 will be any better or worse than District 9, and how people will now view the ‘prawns’ as they’re called, is interesting since the escape that took place in the first movie didn’t appear to have any serious fallout since the MNU, the organization that turned out to be the bad guys, took the fall that was badly needed. But now one has to imagine that Wikus will retain at least some memory of who he was and perhaps pine for the life that he had, or perhaps he’ll forget about who he was and the story will head off in a different direction, it’s hard to say. The first story was centered around Wikus, played by Sharlto Copley, since his transformation was a big part of the plot, as was the idea that the aliens were seeking a way to get off of a planet where they were largely reviled and not welcomed with open arms. 

It stands to reason that the sequel would continue that trend since even after being relocated it feels safe to say that the same sentiment is going to be present. Also, there’s the idea of whether this is going to follow a natural timeline and show how things have evolved after 11 years, since the original movie came out in 2009, meaning that if Christopher hasn’t returned in all that time to recover or cure Wikus, then it’s possible that he’ll have continued to slip away from his wife. That’s all a matter of how the story plays out though, and whether the writer or writing team, will consider something else as a feasible plot. Right now there’s so little known about how the story will continue that it’s fair to say that things might not be as easy to predict as people might want to think. A little over a decade is a long enough time for plenty of things to happen since whether the people of Johannesburg finally accept the aliens or continue to exclude them. There’s also the thought that in this day and age the exclusionary practices that were levied against the aliens back then might be pushed in a much bigger way depending on how the director, Neill Blomkamp, wants people to view this creation. Hopefully real-world politics would be left out of this movie since it’s already been seen supposedly ‘woke’ ideas have been gaining ground over the last several years, but have also been lowering the veracity of various movies that have decided to go this route. Keeping individuals to certain areas and speaking on the rights and privileges of others have been hot topics over the years, but it’s a desire of many people to see politics removed as much as possible from cinema, at least in the sense that realism is not felt in such a pervasive and overriding manner. 

It sounds odd to want to keep politics out of cinema, but the purpose is to simply keep the cinematic experience what it’s been for so long, an escape from the real world that people desire for an hour or more, a way to unwind and simply enjoy a story that’s meant to make one think, but also invites them to lose sight of what’s real just for a spell. Of course, political-based movies are still going to feature politics, but perhaps by doing so in a slightly overblown and not as realistic manner would be best, simply so people can find time to relax and take a brief hiatus from the real world to recharge their batteries. District 10 would no doubt be seen by some as a way to start talking about racism, keeping people in cages, discrimination, genocide, and many other horrible things. It’s true that such subjects could come up during the movie, but one thing to remember is that fictional stories, while made to evoke emotions or even provoke them, are still meant to be taken as stories. They’re not meant to be taken seriously, even if the director is using various elements as metaphors for their own view of the world. District 10 might take a while to finally hit the screens, but there are bound to be a lot of questions and hopefully, a few answers before that happens. 

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