Sleepy Hollow Season 3 Episode 12: Papa Mills comes clean and Atticus Nevins returns to Sleepy Hollow

I’m not much of a gamer, but when I start out playing one, I begin to see certain patterns that can be used as a strategy to win the game. Though in this week’s episode of Sleepy Hollow, patterns won’t allow our favourite Witnesses to come out victorious as Abbie slowly sinks further into her mysterious symbol worship and drawing said symbol over and over again in her journal.

When I saw Ichabod cook something without burning it (and singing along to “O Sole Mio” which made me want to cringe. No offense, Ichabod, but singing isn’t exactly your strong suit), I was impressed by his improved culinary skills. Shame Abbie turned down dinner in favour of going to the FBI gun range to clear her head. I had hoped or wanted to rather, find out if Ichabod’s cooking has really improved. Guess it’s not to be.

Meanwhile, a police officer on patrol in the forest comes face to face with Atticus Nevins and just moments after the officer had called for back-up to arrest Nevins, a creature came out of nowhere and slashed the officer to death. At first, I thought that the creature was summoned by Pandora and her undead hubby and unleashed upon Sleepy Hollow. I wasn’t expecting to find out that the overgrown Gollum is being controlled by a golden scarab beetle inside Nevins, who had his spleen taken out by Pandora.

The Nevins web continued to unfurl as we find out that during the Gulf War, Nevins, along with some army buddies (including the late Sheriff August Corbin) found a cave filled with crates of gold bricks but were attacked by the Gollum-esque creature and barely escaped with their lives. The experience is what led Corbin to start his research into all kinds of strange happenings all over the world, leading to the creation of his files on the matter. Now we know why Corbin was so borderline obsessed with the supernatural.

The Mills sisters finally meet face to face with Papa Mills. Jenny met with him first and Ezra Mills confessed to his younger daughter that it wasn’t Jenny and Abbie’s fault that he left them, it was his. The estranged father was too fond of the drink and joined the Navy in hopes of getting his act together and to get his family life insurance. I think Jenny wants to let her and Abbie’s father back into their lives, but older sister Abbie might think otherwise. When Papa Mills asked Jenny if he could see Abbie as well, the younger Mills said that she would talk to her.

Abbie finally met with Papa Mills at the diner, as her curiosity got the better of her, and got straight to the point and asked Ezra what was it like when her and Jenny’s mother Lori Mills, began to lose her mind. The eerie coincidence was that Mama Mills’ mental illness is kind of like what Abbie is going through. Papa Mills said that he wanted to be there for Abbie and her sister, but the former told him that she has people for that now. Abbie, I know that you despise your father for what he did, but at least try to let him help you through whatever it is that you’re going through. He is family after all, even if you’re estranged.

I enjoyed the sandwich banter scene between Ichabod and Abbie. I was surprised that Ichabod knew who Charlie Brown was after Abbie called the bologna sandwich that he had made the “Charlie Brown of sandwiches” and said the infamous Peanuts comics phrase, “Good grief!” Makes me wonder if he had seen the recent Peanuts movie that came out last year.

After finally defeating the cave monster by shooting it in the heart (or inner scarab), the demon fighting team decides to call it a night. I was a little shocked to see Joe let Nevins make his escape with Corbin’s files tucked under his arm after rescuing Jenny from the evil man’s clutches. He could have just grabbed his gun from the ground and fire at Nevins before he could escape, but in the end, Nevins got what’s coming to him when he met with Jack Walters. Nevins handed Corbin’s files to Walters, telling the FBI head honcho that it contains the exact coordinates of the nine sacred sites. As soon as the words left his mouth, Walters shot and killed Nevins. I’m half intrigued about what’s in store for the rest of this third season. This better be good, Sleepy Hollow or else I’m calling it quits with you!

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