Skins USA Diaries #1 – “Stanley” & Webisode #1 – “Right Hook. Left Hook.” Review

Keeping up with tradition, MTV’s official Skins webpage released the first in a series of webisodes and diaries featuring the characters from the show as they deal with the aftermath of that week’s episode. This week, Stanley’s fear of being killed by drug dealer Matt Le Dong was the focal point of both web entries. If you can recall in this week’s episode, Stanley got a nice sized bag of weed to distribute, costing $900 bucks. The group lost the weed after the SUV they were in went into the river, putting a target on Stanley’s back, namely his testicles which Matt Le Dong claimed as collateral if Stanlry shafted him in payment.

So, first up is Stanley’s video diary entry which comically showcased his last rites in case Matt Le Dong managed to capture him. Here’s the clip:

The man had a list. A list, people. He might as well had it notarized.

Next up is the webisode title “Right Hook. Left Hook,” which features Tony actually being the best friend Stanley needs now by teaching him how to fight. By the looks of things, Stanley desperately need those lessons. Take a peek:

Thoughts on the story? It was nice to see Tony actually be a friend for Stanley, but that all went out the window when Tony pulled out Michelle as a means to make Stanley angry. While it did work, it was still a low blow, which ironically Tony received in retaliation for being a punk. All in all, this is going to be one wild friendship.

On the production side of things, notice how the webisode is uncensored? I wonder if the PTC will come barreling down MTV’s door for such a move, which I feel is pretty damn brilliant on the network’s part. While the cursing doesn’t improve anything story wise, it does feel like vintage Skins.


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