Why FX’s Fargo Series Outshines the Original Movie

Why FX’s Fargo Series Outshines the Original Movie

Why FX’s Fargo Series Outshines the Original Movie

When the first season of FX’s Fargo hit the screens, fans of the original movie were both thrilled and apprehensive. As we were introduced to Lester Nygaard, it was impossible not to notice the striking resemblance between him and Jerry Lundegard from the film. Martin Freeman’s accent and appearance were a fitting tribute to William H. Macy, effectively transporting us back to the heart of the Fargo universe. This time, however, the timid salesman has Lorne Malvo to ignite his violent tendencies and reveal the monster lurking within. As Lester grabs a hammer and brutally kills his wife, we know we’re venturing down a new path, while still immersed in the Fargo world of freezing temperatures, Waffle Houses, and elongated O’s.

Why FX’s Fargo Outshines the Original Movie

The primary reason why the FX show Fargo surpasses the movie is simple: more. More bizarre deaths, more captivating female police characters, more romance, more intricate details, and a plethora of Coen Brothers’ references cleverly hidden as Easter Eggs.

More Bizarre Murders

The Fargo movie universe had its fair share of shootings and even body disposal via a wood chipper. However, in the Fargo series, even an air conditioner can become a lethal weapon.

More Compelling Female Cops

In Season 1, we follow Molly Solverson as she investigates the case, while her father runs a restaurant. Fast forward to Season 2, set in the 1970s, and her father is now the cop on the case, with Molly as a young girl. In Season 3, we’re introduced to another intriguing law enforcement officer, Gloria Burgle. Both Molly and Gloria possess quirks reminiscent of Marge from the movie, yet they are unique characters with complex personal lives. The best line from Season 3 so far belongs to Gloria: “Would ya’ stop saying Facebook?”

More Romance

While Marge and Norm Gunderson shared a sweet relationship in the movie, it pales in comparison to the passionate connection between Season 3’s Ray Stussy and Nikki Swango. Their chemistry is so strong that viewers can easily overlook their sociopathic tendencies. Ray’s obsession with reclaiming a stamp is an interesting parallel to Norm, who was an artist painting mallards for stamps. Could there be a connection?

More Intricate Details

The plotline of the Fargo movie is relatively straightforward, but the series offers viewers more twists, turns, and surprises. Even seemingly insignificant characters, like an elderly grandfather, can have a captivating backstory. With the series, you must pay attention to every detail, from the name on a toilet when someone is vomiting (a 70s flashback in Season 3 to Ennis’ former life) to the mysterious UFOs in Season 2. Fan theories abound, and the showrunners have even explained the inclusion of the flying lights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8r8UHzfPhw.

Easter Eggs Galore

For die-hard fans of the Fargo movie or any Coen Brothers’ film, the series is a treasure trove of references, not just to Fargo but to several of their other works. If you’re skeptical, check out this YouTube video that breaks it all down: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cusD04c8eJM.

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