Should John Stamos Join the MCU?

Should John Stamos Join the MCU?

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Most people are of the mind that John Stamos could do just about anything, and while there are likely limits to his awesomeness, it’s fair to think that he might be able to join the MCU if he were given a chance.

If you think about that for a moment, you might be able to think of a few characters that Stamos would be able to play, and a few of them would no doubt be kind of distinguished. It’s not likely that he would be a seriously active hero or even a diabolical villain, but it could happen that he might be a nice addition to the franchise, albeit one that wouldn’t long.

This would no doubt be the case if he decided that he wanted to be a villain since the MCU has a history of rolling out villains for one movie only to get rid of them in a manner that makes little to no sense to the fans. But the fun part is that people do have fun watching these big names roll into the MCU since they’ve been established long enough to be fan favorites. 

Finding a character for him probably wouldn’t be too tough, but it would still need to be a good fit

It’s already been seen what happens when someone who walks into a franchise, or just a single movie, isn’t right for the role they’re given. Things don’t work as they should, the dialogue doesn’t feel right, and the entire effect comes off as a bit flat.

The great thing about Stamos is that he’s such a great actor that he can make people believe in him without that much of an issue. If anyone remembers the episode he spent on Law & Order: SVU, they’ll likely recall that he was a rather irritating and self-assured character that had a nasty habit of getting women pregnant and then moving on to the next one while still paying child support to the many women he’d impregnated.

This was a good example of how Stamos can take on a character and make people believe wholly in the role that he’s playing, enough to the point that they love him or hate him. By that extension, it would be interesting to see what he might accomplish in the MCU.

Putting him in a serious role would be fun

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" Bang (TV Episode 2011) - IMDb

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Throughout much of his career, it feels as though Stamos has been allowed to play things light and joke around a bit with a lot of his roles, or at the very least, be kind of a carefree individual that is allowed to play things loosely.

His time as Uncle Jesse on Full House and Fuller House did grant him the status of being an icon since he is one of the more respected actors of our time. But seeing him becoming a serious villain would be a lot of fun since it feels as though he could rock such a role and be completely diabolical if he had to be.

Placing him as a heroic character would be fine as well, but it feels as though he would need to be an older, perhaps retired hero that’s a little more distinguished and is there for one last hurrah or moral support. 

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Hopefully, he wouldn’t be cast as an active hero

A funny thing about characters in the Marvel Universe is that the heroes often know when to retire, providing that they age like regular people, but the villains keep going even into their twilight years if they feel up to it. That means that Stamos could possibly take on the role of a villain and be someone that’s a little more impressive, such as a mastermind or a boss that people tend to follow, and other villains might bend the knee to.

Or rather, other villains might see the wisdom in following him since he might be able to take on the role of someone that’s been there, done that, and been successful or lucky enough to stick around and do it again. Whatever the case, it does stand to reason that if Stamos were to come to the MCU, it could be reason enough to build up another villain that might be able to stick around for a while. 

At the end of the day, Stamos is a great addition to any franchise

He’s one of the more well-respected actors in Hollywood, so it’s fair to think that if he wants to be in the MCU, it should become a serious consideration. It’s easy to think that he might be better suited to an MCU series to start off with, but it would be quite interesting to see him show up on the big screen for something a little more substantial. It’s John Stamos, for crying out loud. 

What director wouldn’t want to make use of him?

Full House

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