Shark Tank is Back for Season 11 and is as Good as Ever

Shark Tank Season 11

The American dream used to be simple. People just wanted the freedom to do what they thought was right. As it turns out, doing anything successfully takes more than a dream. You need money if you want to chase your passions. Whether it’s getting people to poop the way they should with a Squatty Potty or selling delivery cupcakes in jars like the ladies of Wicked Good Cupcakes, you can’t do it with just your good intentions. Shark Tank is one way for a budding entrepreneur to take a good idea and make it worth millions. So it’s no surprise they’re back for season 11 and just as good as ever.

Fantasy Vs. Reality

The very first episode of the new season saw someone get choked up, but before we get to that, let’s take a look at some of what makes the show great. There’s no denying human ingenuity. Everyone loves seeing some cool new things that will make their life better or at least more interesting. From the bizarre to the brilliant, and everything in between, the sharks knew they had a winner from the moment they proposed the show. For those of you who only watch the show casually, or are new viewers this season, these genius investors didn’t just propose the idea of making a show. They put their money where their mouths are in more ways than one. Not only are the investors on this show real people, but they also put their own money into these investments.

As a result of their time and money going into the show, there are times when what you see and what happens don’t quite mesh. A great seeming deal that’s on the show, where an investor makes a bid, and the new entrepreneur accepts doesn’t always end there. Before those hopefuls see a penny of their newfound vested monies, there’s some serious research. If you walk onto the show and pitch a somewhat dishonest embellishment, then you may walk away with nothing even when they love your schtick. Lying to major investors about the functionality or cost will get the rug pulled out from under your dreams after the episode airs. In short, they do their homework before they sign the check, but not before they hear you out.

Who Are These People?

When the Sharks get to the studio and start their day, which is earlier than you might expect, they don’t know what’s about to walk through the door. However, every other participant on the show likely knows precisely who they’re looking at. You don’t get to be a shark without people seeing your fins. There are lots of returning faces on Shark Tank. These investors know how to make the best of their money. They’re incredibly savvy at making every penny work for them. Mark Cuban has been hustling to make his billions since he was a kid with a stamp business. Though he’s had his troubles in the past, Mark has always managed to come out relatively unscathed.

Moreover, Mark isn’t the only shark with humble roots. Robert Herjavec was born in Croatia and worked on his family farm before he got into investing. These two men certainly know what it is to have an idea and a dream. Real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran has been on the show since it began, and she’ll be returning along with another familiar face. Daymond John, the CEO of FUBU, will be back with his fashion-forward expertise. Kevin O’Leary, might not come from great wealth, but he’s a lot like what you’d expect to see on a show of this nature. His mother was a small businesswoman in Canada, and his father was a salesman, so his roots are entrepreneurial. As for Lori Greiner, she grew up on the north side of Chicago and invented an earring organizer that was picked up by J.C. Penny in the mid-90s. She went to Loyola for her degree in communications originally but built an empire out of her own ingenuity. Today Lori is known as the Queen of QVC.

Season 11 Changes

Ths seasons sharks have new investors among the ranks. Daniel Lubetzky, the CEO of KIND, has taken an interest in what’s up and coming in the investment meets TV world. Lubetzky is working hard to make the world a better place with every snack he sells. Doubtless, he’ll find some new and exciting food-based investments this season. In fact, when we said someone got choked up the very first episode of the new season, it was a food business owner.

John Sorial, the creator and owner of Tah-Dah Foods, wants to bring tasty falafels among other products to your freezer section. His connection to his comfort food and his home were enough to cause him to get a little choked up about sharing that with the world. His plan goes beyond that, though. In addition to bringing people the Mediterranean flavors he loves, he wants to donate 25% of his income to charities that help others. Lubetzky saw the kindness, and he returned it with a five hundred thousand dollar offer with a twenty-five percent stake in the company.

Other New Faces

As always, a few guest investors will be making an appearance to help round out the offers for potential businesses. This season will feature quite a few female investors. The youngest woman ever to take a company public might be making some offers this season. Katrina Lake is the founder and CEO of Stitch Fix. Her company gives everyone the chance to have a personal stylist pick their wardrobe and send it right to their door. Maria Sharapova, the tennis pro we all know and love does more than play sports. She founded Sugarpova, a candy company because she loves sweet treats and has an eye for craftsmanship. 23andMe CEO and co-founder Anne Wojcicki knows people, though her professional focus is more on what’s inside, in the form of DNA.

Final Thoughts

What does it all mean? This season will be heavily focused on female empowerment. At least that’s what we’re predicting. Beyond that, it’s hard to say what might happen on the show. There are so many talented inventors and genius business ideas out there that literally anything could walk through the Shark Tank door. We do know one thing though; Whoever comes on the show and whatever they’re pitching, we’ll be glued to the screen.

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