Shaquille O’Neal to Hold Carnival-Style EDM Festival in Miami

Shaquille O’Neal will be holding a carnival-style EDM festival in Miami this month on the 24th and has dubbed it Shaq’s Fun House. The retired NBA legend is going to be hosting the invite-only event and will also be DJing the event as well. It’s supposed to be a wild night with carnival attractions, musicians, and over the top performers that will be making the night something worth remembering. Stepping up to the turntables as DJ Diesel, Shaq will be hosting this event from 2 am to sunrise, so it’s going to be a wee hours of the morning kind of thing where people who aren’t ready to stop partying will be able to come, if they’re invited, and keep the fun going until the sun crests over the horizon.

It’s easy to see that the former NBA champion hasn’t been lax in his time away from the court. Apart from the insurance and Gold Bond lotion commercials he’s been heavy into his DJ persona as well, something he’s been doing since he was still a young man. The years seem to have flown by haven’t they? There are actually folks out there that don’t seem to recall the days when Shaq was still a young buck breaking backboards and stalling games while gaining attention from scouts that were desperate to sign him for his size and strength alone. Unfortunately it wasn’t always for his playing ability despite the fact that he was a monster under the board. He could rebound, he could bull his way into the thick of things, and he could ball with the best of them. But get him beyond that hoop even a yard or two and his accuracy started to dip ever so slightly. Put him on the free throw line and he was a mess for a while.

Yeah, it’s still easy to pick on him for that, but now it’s more of a pleasant memory than a true dig since Shaq has done a whole lot more since he started out as a player. His rise to fame was impressive from the get go and his time spent away from the court now is nothing less than impressive as well. The fact that he’s able to DJ is something that should impress a lot of people as to his skills and to his ability to connect with the younger crowd as he’s wanting to do. Chances are good that Shaq will be tearing it up at this event and will give people a show they won’t soon forget. Hopefully the invite list is extensive since he apparently has a lot of talent on the hook that he doesn’t want to speak on just yet. At this point he wants it to be a surprise for his guests, which means that if any of those writing about it got hold of that information the world would know in short order.

It sounds like a good time ahead and a night to remember.

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