Shameless Season 5 Episode 6 Review: “Crazy Love”

Shameless Season 5 Episode 6 Review: “Crazy Love”


This is the Shameless I’ve come to love! “Crazy Love” focused on Fiona’s problems and finally followed Ian around. If you’ve followed my reviews, you know that’s all I’ve wanted from these last couple episodes.

The first shot of this episode was amazing! Fiona punching Jimmy right in the face, and more than once, too. I felt just like Fiona feels in this episode when I saw Jimmy in the previous episode. Jimmy gets a chance to talk about where he’s been. He tells some tale about being trapped on a ship, being slave labor and catching malaria. Do you know what he says right after all of that? “And you got married?” Do we recall when he was married to a woman so she could get a green card? Do we remember how her father was a homicidal maniac? Oh right, getting married to a sweet guitarist is totally outlandish. I could not believe that Jimmy even tried to say “So what now?” to Fiona. He disappeared; he doesn’t get to ask that question.

Mickey calls Fiona to help search for Ian (I was really excited when he did this. It makes me really feel how interconnected all of their lives are, and how supportive they are of one another now). This episode took major steps for Mickey. Sure, we’ve seen his public coming out speech to most of his relatives in the previous season, but these declarations of love in this episode were much more private and sincere than anything we’ve seen in the past.

Ian stole that little baby and took him on a wild road trip. I miss Ian so badly, and his entire plot this episode made me so very anxious for him and the baby. Ian talks a lot this episode, but mostly to himself, and it’s fairly concerning. As he’s driving down the highway he tells the baby “That feeling is all of our problems leaving right now.”

Lip is back at school, and so is Amanda! Lip agreed to be a Resident Assistant at school and help with Freshman Orientation (I don’t know how honest that system is for RAs, because at my school it’s a very competitive process). I loved seeing Lip deal with parents and residents. The mother asking Lip to give her daughter her meds before tests made me cringe! Lip only gets to see Amanda a short while before Fiona calls him to rein him back to the Gallagher household to find Ian.

Sammy found a way to be less annoying! I’m all for more female characters on this show, but I desperately need Sammy to get out of her rut of wanting Frank to love her. This sort of happened in this episode! She’s declared a curfew of ten o’clock for the entire household and has banned Frank from entering any of the rooms. It’s not really her house to make these calls but I definitely don’t mind. When she hears about Ian, she asks if someone should call the police, to which everyone responds “NO!” What a bunch of Gallaghers.

Jimmy shows up at the house, which leads to a lot of catching up for Sammy and Jimmy. There’s a nice bit where Sammy is asking about Jimmy and Gus, and Jimmy is asking about Sammy (does it sound confusing? It was). Jimmy puts the charm on Fi again and asks about Gus. He tells her he loves her, and they kiss in the yard to the sound of Lip (and me) whispering “Don’t do it, don’t do it!” It’s in this moment that the audience is reminded how chaotic Fiona truly is, and this was only halfway through the episode.

Gus stops by to say good morning to Fi as Jimmy is still sleeping in her bed. Lip and Debbie meet him then and greet him so normally! Debbie is off to high school for the first time (which Fi completely forgot about). Gus is confused about who Frank is, and we get to see how lost he and Jimmy are when it comes to the people in Fi’s life.

We get back to Ian, and he’s been sleeping in the car next to a bridge over night. The baby is screaming, and I wanted to look away from this entire situation. Mickey leaves him yet another message on his phone saying, “I’m worried about you. I love you.” Ian goes to a gas station convenience store and picks out some things to buy, but of course, he doesn’t have enough money. A woman volunteers five dollars to pay for the diapers and then Ian tries to change the baby on the counter! It only gets worse from there when he leaves the baby in the car and a woman (rightly) calls the police to save the baby. The police realize Ian is unstable and attempt to help him, which only results in a chase. Ian is crying and asks them not to hurt him when they finally bring him in.

Debbie gets to high school, and she already has a reputation as “Deadly Debbie” from the YouTube video Carl posted of her fighting her old friends. Before she can get into any real trouble with an upperclassman, the cute boy from boxing shows up to save her. Hopefully, Debbie can save herself soon enough without physically fighting anyone. Carl stops by Mickey’s place to chat about Ian, and they get the call from the police that Ian is in their custody. I really enjoy how close Mickey has become to the Gallaghers.

Fiona sees Jimmy again; rather, he comes into her house yet again. They impulsively sleep together, and Fiona definitely regrets it halfway through. This scene was really a callback to season one. It was important to see her break like this. She needs to see what her boss was telling her about being addicted to chaos. She later goes to Gus’ and is still very upset about the entire thing, but doesn’t tell Gus what happened between her and Jimmy.

Lip, Debbie, Carl, and Mickey drive down to the police station to pick up Ian. The police officer reminds Mickey of how lucky he is to have a child, and Mickey seems genuinely invested in the baby’s well-being. Mickey apologizes in the car for not listening to them about Ian’s mental health, and he definitely wants to take Ian to a hospital, even if he doesn’t want to go. He even hopes that if they called the police on Ian, he would get better care while incarcerated.

Fiona shows up just in time at the hospital to watch Ian enter inpatient care. There is an emotional moment where Mickey hugs Ian tightly and asks the nurse if he can come in with him. The final scene is Ian looking directly into the camera. I can only imagine what the rest of this season holds for him.

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