Sesame Street Takes on Game of Thrones and Westworld in Awesome New Videos

I don’t know as I’d go as far to say that the two videos showed by Jenna Anderson of ComicBook are as awesome as some folks want to believe, but they do show a good point for those that might want their kids to learn a few things. The only confusing part is why Sesame Street and HBO would team up to do so in shows like Westworld and Game of Thrones, where respect is typically a grudging thing that doesn’t come easily. Honestly, I get it, the whole idea of respecting one another is a great idea and a way to promote togetherness in a manner that is best taught to everyone, particularly children, when they are still young and impressionable enough to understand and can learn how to utilize such ideals in a way that will allow them to become wiser and more well-balanced adults later on. But seriously, that’s not how adult dramas operate on the whole.

Michael Cerio from Mix94.1 is yet another individual that seems to think that this was a great idea and honestly, more power to those that think this way. It’s important to see things in this light and to understand that respecting one another is a much better way to live than the method we have now. But simply because HBO owns Game of Thrones and Sesame Street makes this seem less inspiring than it does just kind of silly. Silliness is of course another important part of life but in this case it almost seems like HBO was attempting to shock people into watching since the commercials do take the favorite shows of a lot of people, both past and present, and slam them together in a way that makes about as much sense as a tuna and peanut butter sandwich. Too many people would love to argue why this is cute, necessary, and altogether pleasing to really stand against it, but one voice standing as dissent is likely to go ignored anyway so I might as well as say what I have to say.

Cute, respectful, and insightful don’t necessarily belong in Game of Thrones or Westworld. Respect is a great thing to have and to give, there’s no doubt of this, and solving problems in a non-violent and non-confrontational manner is almost always preferred as it doesn’t involve the loss of life, liberty, or property. But when trying to mash things together to prove this point the idea of Sesame Street, a cute and cuddly kid’s show, being used to give lessons to anyone on GoT or Westworld is kind of cringe-worthy and ridiculous at best. Why? Simply put, the world we know as adults is not the world we knew as kids. It’s the same place, but as we’ve grown our perspectives have changed and our way of looking at things has had to alter just enough to realize that what we thought was so simple in the past is a lot harder than we realized, and what we thought was hard is actually quite simple. Life is not what the movies and TV shows make it out to be, otherwise the fixes we need would be simple, to the point, and easily discovered in a matter of hours instead of years. Sesame Street has been a great learning tool throughout the years for many people and has taught us a great deal about ethics and morality. But as much as we want to apply it to real life, it’s not quite as simple as all that.

Randi F. Marshall from Newsday states that a lot of people learned a great deal from the adults on Sesame Street how life was going to be, but as you can imagine that’s not how things have turned out today. These days we’re learning more about the world by the time we’re in junior high than we ever have in the past. Sesame Street might have given us a lot of great lessons to follow, but one of them that they missed was how life was going to change so drastically when we got older that following the old and very simple lessons would be next to impossible. That’s a big reason why I do take a bit of a step back when watching the videos that were posted concerning GoT and Westworld. They make a great deal of sense and they carry the type of messages that from a child’s perspective are quite simple and should be easy to follow. But upon becoming an adult the ease of these ideals is still something that we come to find is not quite as simple as just agreeing that we can get along and possibly reconcile our differences over a cookie or an agreement to understand one another. The videos are cute and all, but naive enough that rolling your eyes isn’t a bad thing.

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