The Secret Circle: Night of the Demon

The Secret Circle: Night of the Demon

The Secret Circle: Night of the DemonFirst and foremost, I would like to say how much I geeked out when The Secret Circle referenced The Craft in this week’s episode. Much love to the writer of this episode for remembering a classic that has not been treated well in recent years. Okay, now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

So if last week’s episode Loner displayed just how bothersome a bounded Circle could be, “Heather” really drove that particular point home since the group has to deal with demons gunning for their heads now, literally for one unfortunate member of the coven (more on that later).

First, lets discuss mythology. The first four episodes of The Secret Circle have quickly filled in the blanks of what happened that fateful night 16 years ago. “Heather” revealed to us that not only was Cassie’s mother trying to prevent the events of that night from happening, but that another entity (or unknown group of people) were also attempting to use Amelia as a tool to conjure some bad energy into the mix. So the angle of “history repeating itself” on The Secret Circle has went from just a simple fear of those traumatized by the previous coven’s deaths to a cut and dry certainty. Does this mean Cassie’s family line is special in some sense, given that Amelia and now Cassie are considered pawns to an endgame of mass proportions? How will the rest of the group feel about this if it’s true? They are a seriously jealous bunch, I’ll tell ya…

Another correlation into the past is the Sally/Cassie friendship, which mirrors the Amelia/Heather friendship at this stage of the game. At least initially. Heather was a victim of circumstance who wanted to help her friend stop evil, but got caught up and was possessed by a demon. Sally is headed the same way if she decides to piece together the puzzle pieces that constantly fall into her lap. Even though Sally was missing from this week’s episode of The Secret Circle, I still couldn’t help but make the connection to her potential involvement with the Circle.

Finally, is anyone else finding the 16 year gap between the two Circles a bit… odd? That would mean that not only was the original coven seniors in high school, but they were all pregnant at the same time. Plus, who were watching the babies when their parents were out having the time of their lives on a boat somewhere? Anyone else notice this?

On the character building side of things, we got to see a nice bump for Melissa and Nick in both of theirThe Secret Circle: Night of the Demon roles, which I thought was tastefully done. To be honest, I expected Nick to pine over Cassie and didn’t see his relationship with Melissa coming until the reveal in the second episode. I wonder how this ‘relationship’ will be tested next week as we saw Melissa being possessed by the demon at the end of this week’s episode. Will Nick’s veneer crack even more as he tries to help save the girl he…’cares’ about?

With Melissa, it was good to see her finally get a backbone of sort between both Nick and Faye, because I don’t know if I could have sustained seeing her get stepped on for a few more episodes. Instead of worrying about casting their own individual spells, let’s pray that Melissa just manages to keep grasping the little dignity she has discovered so far and not let the demon run over her as well.

Now that Nick and Melissa are sort of item, that leaves Faye looking and feeling more vulnerable than ever. I personally think that she gave Nick the riot act concerning Melissa last week, because she assumed he would’ve chosen to “get lost” instead of respecting Melissa. If so, her plan backfired and now no one really has time to stroke her ego at this point in time. However, I seriously doubt that will deter her any less, especially whenever she gets her powers back.

Now for the head love triangle of the group. It is not going to be long before the drama between Cassie, Adam, and Diana explodes in all of their faces. Even though she came out to be right in the end, I can’t help but think Diana challenged Cassie’s decision with the spell out of spite of catching her and Adam together looking guilty as a harlot in church on Sunday morning. For Diana to be the ‘leader’ of the group, you would think she would not only know of the spell Cassie was about to perform, but at least give her a concrete reason why to not perform it. Seriously, Diana waited until Adam was far away from Cassie before revealing the dangers of that spell. Something doesn’t sit right with me on that tip, but hopefully I’m looking at it wrong, but my gut is telling me different.

The Secret Circle: Night of the DemonIf I was in Cassie’s shoes, I would be an emotional wreck after finding out all these secrets about the woman she once thought she knew. It seems like with each reveal of Amelia’s past, Cassie feels as if she is responsible for the pain inflicted on the Chance Harbor residents’ back in 1995. It might take all season for Cassie to realize that she isn’t this evil thing or that Amelia was as destructive as people are making her out to be. I just hope the writers don’t draw it out too long…

One last thing…where was Dawn and Charles? With someone like Heather coming after their kids, you would think they would have intervened in some capacity. Demons are in play now and the two adults can’t be all that powerful against them with just that stone.

So with a demonic Melissa heading our way and warnings of The Circle becoming unbounded, what do you guys think will happen next on The Secret Circle?

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