The Secret Circle: The Stars Dish on the Love Triangle

The Secret Circle: The Stars Dish on the Love Triangle

The Secret Circle: The Stars Dish on the Love TriangleThe Secret Circle may be a show about the supernatural, but it’s also firmly rooted in relationships and character development. During a recent trip to the Vancouver set of the show, we spoke with Thomas Dekker (Adam), Britt Robertson (Cassie), Shelley Hennig (Diana) and Phoebe Tonkin (Faye) about that pesky love triangle.

The Vampire Diaries may have taken a while to properly get its love triangle off the ground, but The Secret Circle isn’t wasting any time. Right from the pilot episode we’ve seen that Adam and Cassie are drawn to each other. So far the episodes have only hinted at an attraction, but Robertson says ‘they’ve definitely explored the triangle that is Adam-Cassie-Diana [in future episodes]. We’ve explored a lot of different things with that relationship and the storyline is constantly changing and unfolding so the audience will get to see a lot with those three very soon.’

But Hennig warns that this won’t be a typical love triangle that could end up with the two girls fighting over Adam: ‘There are a lot of ups and downs like most television triangles. But what I really love is that you have a couple [Adam and Diana] who have been together for so long and they found out that they were witches together and they have this strong history and background and strong love for each other. Then here comes the new girl. She’s cute and beautiful, but there’s something [between] Adam and Cassie and even Diana can see it. I think it will be interesting to see how Diana clocks this and how she approaches it…or doesn’t.’

While speaking to Dekker at Comic-Con in the summer, he promised us that we would start to explore Diana and Adam’s backstory. He was resolute that this would happen when we met up with him again in Vancouver and it would be coming shortly: ‘It gets really interesting to see the history of Diana and Adam and why they got together and what’s working for them and not working for them’. But, he warned, ‘Diana is starting to lose faith in what they’re about and it’s very sad and dramatic’. Already Diana is starting to see the cracks in their relationship. In tonight’s episode, entitled “Slither”, Diana arranges a date night with Adam to rekindle the spark in their relationship.

So this growing distance between the couple is the perfect opportunity for Cassie to step in, right? Not so fast, folks. Not everything will be resolved that quickly. When asked how long this love triangle will play out Dekker said ‘It plays out for a while’and then jokingly added ‘I would imagine [it will play out] for the run of the series.’

The Secret Circle: The Stars Dish on the Love TriangleThe biggest impediment to Cassie and Adam getting together — besides his current relationship, of course — is Cassie’s guilt about his current relationship. Dekker explained that ‘it’s an interesting point about Cassie and her moral structure that she feels an immense amount of guilt for what she feels [for Adam] and what she and Adam share for each other and because of what it’s doing to this relationship that has been thriving for such a long time. It’s not like her or [Adam] have chosen to feel or do or be a part of anything, but they just are. It just goes to show what type of person that Cassie is and she’s trying really hard not to push and not to make a miss-step.’

Perhaps the hardest part is that Cassie and Diana genuinely like each other. Robertson assured us that the girls will remain friends while they both struggle with their feelings for Adam. Dekker explained that even as Cassie and Adam grow closer, she and Diana will emerge as the best friends of the group. Also, Diana is practically a saint with how understanding she is about the entire situation, but Robertson explained that ‘there’s a lot of reasoning behind why Adam and Cassie feel the way they do and [Diana is] very understanding. Cassie and Diana will continue to be friends and that does not hinder those relationships as of [episode 8].’

Tonkin just expressed glee over the whole triangle situation: ‘I think [Faye is] amused by it. She’s known Adam and Diana forever and she sees Cassie is coming in and can see the potential of what could happen to Diana and Adam’s relationship now that Cassie is in town. She’s always kind of butted heads with Diana, so the thought that Diana could get dumped is a little exciting for Faye’.

But will Faye get some attention of her own on the relationship front? After all, The Secret Circle can’t just be about Cassie and Adam resisting each other and Melissa and Nick hooking up. Tonkin promised us that we’ll be exploring some of the relationships Faye used to have and how they have shaped her: ‘She got her heart broken a couple of times and that’s a driving force to the way that Faye behaves now.’In fact, a new recurring guest star named Jake will be making his debut in the October 20 episode (played by Chris Zylka). As it turns out, Jake and Faye used to have a thing and she’s more than happy to get back at home for breaking her heart with her witchy powers when he returns to down.

Don’t miss an all new episode of The Secret Circle tonight at 9/8c on The CW. In anticipation of tonight’s dark episode, you should also take a peek at our interview about the good versus evil tread that runs throughout the show.

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