Screenplays We’d Like to See Aaron Sorkin Write

When it comes to writing screenplays that get the attention of the audience, one name commonly comes to mind. That name is Aaron Sorkin. As an individual who has written screenplays for many years and has worked on some of the most successful and pivotal movies and television such as the West Wing and A Few Good Men, Sorkin is definitely not a stranger to the film and television industry. In addition, he has a way of telling a story that grabs your attention in the first few minutes and refuses to let go. Many of the stories that he tells could have theoretically happened in real life and that makes them even more compelling.

Below are five different types of screenplays that Aaron Sorkin would be writing in a perfect world.

Stories about the current political environment

Obviously, anything that has to do with the current state of politics in America would be right up Sorkin’s alley. There is certainly no shortage of material from which to craft the ideal screenplay. Between the things that are actually happening on a daily basis in this environment and Sorkin’s ability to craft a great story and bring everything together, one can only imagine what it would be like to sit in a theater and watch a movie about this topic that is written by somebody who has clearly demonstrated an ability to write such stories in the past.

Any significant historical event

Again, Sorkin’s storytelling prowess would be a perfect match for anything of significance that has happened in the past. It would have to be an event that held a great deal of importance, as Sorkin’s writing style is best suited to telling those stories that have a great deal of weight associated with them. That doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t be a story of a more personal nature. It just means it has to be important enough to grab the attention of the audience.

A miniseries or epic

Without a doubt, Sorkin has an ability to tell a great story and keep the audience involved from beginning to end, leaving little time for boredom. That would make him a good fit for writing a miniseries or epic, as it is imperative that the individual who writes these types of screenplays be able to maintain the interest of the audience throughout a much longer production than the standard two hour movie.

A documentary

While he hasn’t ventured into this area a great deal, many of the fictional stories that Sorkin writes about could easily be based on something that actually happened. It only stands to reason that it would be a fairly easy transition to write a screenplay for a fact-based documentary. The truth is, it takes someone with the skills and abilities of Sorkin to tell a story and maintain a certain level of attention from the audience. Regardless of how compelling the story itself might be, no one will be able to get the word out about the documentary itself unless it is told by someone who is skilled in doing exactly that.

The pharmaceutical industry

Sorkin likes to detail conflict in his screenplays and there are few other industries that have as much conflict as the pharmaceutical industry does in the United States today. For starters, there are the exorbitant fees charged by many pharmacies that develop medications for serious illnesses versus the individuals who need those medications to survive, yet can’t pay the fees which amount to legal extortion in the opinions of most individuals. Imagine what Sorkin could do with a story like that.

Obviously, everybody has their own opinions on the screenplays they would like to see Aaron Sorkin write, but whatever projects he chooses to work on next, there is a better than average chance that those projects will appeal to a wide audience.

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