Scream 5 Is Likely Happening and Neve Campbell Might Return

Scream 5 Is Likely Happening and Neve Campbell Might Return

Scream 5 Is Likely Happening and Neve Campbell Might Return

How many killers can there be? The inclusion of Neve Campbell into a rumored Scream 5 is making the franchise start to feel like a more upscale Sharknado, meaning there’s no real reason to keep it going but people are going to do so anyway because they can and for some reason fans are going to get excited and go see it, whenever that’s possible. But as Ryan Scott of MovieWeb puts it, Neve was actually hesitant to come back since Wes Craven, who directed the four Scream movies that have been released, passed away several years ago. Not wanting to continue something that had the benefit of being directed by someone that fully understood it is easy to comprehend, but what’s starting to get a little tougher is just who is going to be the next killer and what connection will they have to Sidney. We can run down the list really quickly since it’s not too hard to remember. Billy was Sidney’s boyfriend and the son of the man that her mother was sleeping around with, which caused Billy’s mother to leave, abandoning him and truly messing the guy up when he was young and impressionable. Stu, who was basically down for anything if it sounded like fun, was Billy’s sidekick and accomplice and in the end turned out to be the weak link.

Part two saw a college student named Mickey and Mrs. Loomis, because of course Billy’s mother had to come back, teaming up to take on Sidney and seek to ruin her life before ending it. That of course didn’t work since Sidney had grown a little tougher and ended up outsmarting the killers, after Mrs. Loomis put and end to Mickey of course. Part three was making people start to shake their heads because we just had to wonder where in the world things were going to go now that Sidney was out of college and living on her own, hopefully safe and secure from the world since she couldn’t trust hardly anyone. Emma Fraser of SyFy Wire had more to say about this topic. But of course her mother’s past came back to haunt her and despite the fact that she had nothing to do with Maureen’s mistakes, Sidney was made to pay for them in some way as Roman Bridger came out of the woodwork and revealed that he was Sidney’s half-brother from an affair that Maureen had had with Roman’s father when she was still an actress. That didn’t end well obviously since Roman was killed by Dewey after Sidney told him to shoot Roman in the head as he was wearing a bulletproof vest. Wouldn’t it have been nice if that had been the end?

Obviously that wasn’t the thought since the next installment saw Ghostface come back again and start up another reign of terror that affected Sidney on a personal level yet again, only this time it became extremely personal since it was her own cousin, Jill, who was committing the murders out of jealousy. Her plan was to kill Sidney and then act as the lone survivor of a massacre, which isn’t exactly original as Billy and Stu, and even Roman to some extent, had been trying to do the same thing. One has to wonder, with all due respect to Wes Craven, if they’d just run out of ideas at that point or if they still had some sort of a plan that they were trying to implement. Whatever the case it became kind of confusing to think that another movie might be made when the rumors of a part 5 came along since unless there’s some massive surprise that’s been waiting in the wings or was just thought up by a screenwriter while high on a caffeine buzz, part 5 really shouldn’t be a solid thought that needs any fleshing out. It was though that a reboot might be in the works, but if Neve Campbell is brought back that kind of puts a halt on any thoughts of a reboot since it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to a great number of fans given that featuring the original actors in a rebooted version of the movie they helped to make famous would be just strange.

But thoughts of who would need to be the killer are definitely abundant since some folks happen to believe that Randy, who was played by Jamie Kennedy, should come back as the killer in a twist that shows he didn’t really die but was just biding his time. That would be interesting enough to flesh out since the truth is that Randy was a movie buff and a film student and might know very well just what it would it take to make such a thing work. Or perhaps her father could be the killer, or someone close to her like Dewey, or even Gale. Right now a massive twist is about the only way to make part 5 work. Andrew Grevas of 25 Years Later might agree.

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