Scorpion: Team Saves Deer, Walter Channels Cabe, Ralph Has A Crush.

Scorpion: Team Saves Deer, Walter Channels Cabe, Ralph Has A Crush.


Remember when Elizabeth McCord had to save the black rhinos in Africa? Well, now it’s Team Scorpion’s turn in this week’s episode of Scorpion. They head to a compound in Bozetta to help Wildlife Animal Guardians save endangered animals. They also rescue a pregnant Spotted Munt Deer in the process.

I understand that Agent Gallo doesn’t want to be a burden to the team, but Paige is right. Helping out someone who is part of a family is not a burden. It’s heartwarming to see the entire team pitch in to get the half a million dollars for the Homeland agent’s bail. Happy sold her motorcycle parts, Sylvester sold his comic books, Toby cashed in some blank checks, Paige dug into her savings and Walter put up Scorpion (mortgage-wise) as collateral.

When the team headed to Africa, I noticed Walter wearing Agent Gallo’s signature sunglasses. It seems that the genius is feeling guilty over the agent’s arrest by the FBI. We know that Walter was the one who told Agent Gallo to uncuff Collins which then led to the latter’s escape, but it was, technically speaking, for the greater good. If Agent Gallo didn’t uncuff Collins, then the methane cracks couldn’t be filled. At least the Homeland agent is not serving time in prison so #silverlining?

Speaking of prison, I do not like the lawyer appointed to Agent Gallo’s case. I mean, he’s too young to be dealing with something like this. If it were the dynamic duo from Suits, I’m sure that they could handle the situation much better than he could. He’s just as incompetent than that other lawyer who was helping Walter with his case in the previous season. No offense to other aspiring lawyers, I’m sure that you are all at the top of your field!

Back to the mission, the team MacGyver’ed an artificial womb from the plastic car windows and some odd parts. They were able to keep the fawn alive until they reached the compound. The fawn’s mother also made it out of the woods thanks to Sylvester who saved her when she flatlined. Ralph also played a big part in this after the young genius hacked into the satellite phone the poacher left behind after he shot Jane. I was shocked to find out that General Solomon is among the group of poachers. Despicable.

I would also like to applaud Walter for trying to take out Solomon, but for the last time, you are not Agent Gallo, Walter O’Brien! Good thing Toby was able to put the general to sleep with the same anesthetic shot he gave Jane Doe. Who knows what could’ve happened had the shrink not come along in time?

In the end, the poachers were caught by the Bozetta Army, and both mama and baby deer will be just fine. Agent Gallo also mustered up the courage to thank Team Scorpion for helping him with his current situation. I’m also confident that Allie will forgive him for making her worry.

Side Notes:

I inwardly cringed when Walter would channel his inner Agent Gallo. Kudos to Toby for calling the genius out on it. Also, the shrink executed a near-perfect impression of the Homeland agent.

Kudos again to Sylvester for using the hand sanitizer he brought on the defibrillator paddles to save Jane Doe (yes, that’s the name he gave her). I also applaud the human calculator for overcoming his fear of getting close to animals and do whatever it took to bring mama deer back from the brink of death.

I loved how Paige used sex as a threat against Walter when the team was trying to figure out how to save both the baby and the mother deer. Suffice it to say, it worked.

Sylvester’s new intern Patty reminds me of what Walter used to be before Paige joined the team. Thinks she’s better than everyone else and doesn’t listen to the opinions of others. Young Ralph Dineen, however, seemed to have taken a shine to the young lady. It’s certainly a fascinating development much to the chagrin of his mother.

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