Scorpion Season 2 Episode 16 Review: “Fractured”

Have you ever experienced an earthquake? Feeling the ground shake beneath you like it was a giant bowl of jello? Well in this week’s episode of Scorpion, an earthquake is the least of Team Scorpion’s problems when a gas pipe has been broken by an aftershock and hundreds of lives are at stake.

I liked how Paige is taking charge of things and being a really badass Alpha Female in this episode. She first “sentenced” Toby and Walter to couples therapy with Dr. Cecil (guest star Penn Jillette) after enduring endless hours of the two bickering like an old married couple and got all Mama Bear on Sylvester when he offered to take Ralph to the beach to look at the tide pools. When the liaison break off the pipe with her foot, my expression was the same as Happy’s: a mixture of shock and amazement to see this particular side to Paige. More kick-butt Paige in the future please and thank you!

The scene at Dr. Cecil’s office was both awkward and funny. It’s awkward because the therapist started talking to Walter and Toby in a strange language that I couldn’t figure out for the life of me. It might as well been complete and utter gibberish rather than an actual foreign language. Turns out the good doctor was speaking Cantonese. Who knew? It’s funny because Dr. Cecil made Walter and Toby sing “More Than Words” by Extreme in unison. Never thought that I would see the day when Walter and Toby would sing together. Even if it’s in the name of couples counseling. I also half-expected Teller, the other half of Penn and Teller, to show up as Dr. Cecil’s assistant or something, but Penn was the only guest star in this episode so I felt a little bummed for a minute.

Another funny scene in this episode was when Ralph got behind the wheel of the lifeguard truck that the boy genius and Sylvester “borrowed”. The human calculator had lost his glasses and couldn’t see a thing and listed off a few pre-trip checks. I laughed hard when Sylvester finished the list with “Don’t tell your mother” and fist bumped Ralph before the boy genius drove the truck over a makeshift ramp.

Sylvester’s last statement is kind of a bit on the ironic side given that parents, especially fathers, will take their kids to do things that mothers don’t approve of and the fathers will tell their children to not tell their mothers about the dangerous thing that they’re about to do. I’m sure that this doesn’t apply to every family out there.

When Toby lowered the empty container over the manhole opening so that the gas can be contained when it’s lit on fire was clever. That and the whole using the honey to attract the Brazilian fire ants away from the hatch that leads to the pipe in the sub level was nerve-wracking to watch since fire ants are hostile and can attack when provoked like wasps. Though imagining thousands of fire ants doing treading water in their living raft makes me snicker.

I chuckled when Agent Gallo threw a flaming makeshift ancient Aztec spear-throwing device that Happy made from a broken pool cue and a hanger (I’m assuming that she got those from the garage) into the container and said “Kobe from downtown.” before flames erupted from the container opening. Looks like someone is a Lakers fan too or just appreciates the sport of basketball and Kobe Bryant.

Later that night, when the quake was over and the garage was cleaned up, Walter was sitting at his desk fiddling with a motherboard, humming “More Than Words” quietly to himself. The genius then went over to Toby’s apartment and told the shrink that he’s never had any friends since he was a kid. Toby then told Walter that the genius did nothing wrong and the only reason that they got themselves into this whole bickering thing is because of him. That he didn’t know how to handle having some happiness in his life.

Least the two friends will finish up their sessions with Dr. Cecil, assuming they finish them at all. Walter then asked Toby if he wanted to go to Kovelsky’s, but the shrink turned him down, saying he’s exhausted which made me think that he’s got Happy in the apartment and I was right. Have fun you two crazy lovebirds and happy Valentine’s Day!

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