Scorpion: Paige and Walter Stranded on Buoy. Toby Channels Inner Pirate

Scorpion: Paige and Walter Stranded on Buoy. Toby Channels Inner Pirate


Team Scorpion gets all Pirates of the Carribean as they search for sunken treasure in this week’s episode of Scorpion. Toby is ecstatic about the idea of finding treasure and channeling his inner pirate. Who knew that the shrink has a fascination with the ways of the pirate? Then again, pirates love the thrill of chasing that high of finding treasure. It’s the same as a gambler going to every casino to quench their thirst for winning money.

The team met with a woman named Joan Davis (guest star Tiffany Dupont). She is in charge of finding the San Caldera ship. The team, along with Joan, managed to find the sunken ship (after Toby annoyed the hell out of Joan and Agent Gallo with his singing) and the treasure. You would think that the case is over right? Not even close. Walter and Paige are missing.

Our favorite genius and liaison jumped into the ocean after Walter said that there is a gas leak on the boat. It turns out that the people who maintained the boat didn’t do a very good job. Paige thought that the boat wouldn’t explode as she watched it drift further out to sea. She was proven wrong of course when the boat explodes into a million pieces. The genius then suggested that they build a raft from the debris and wait for the rest of the team to rescue them. Then came the Waige tension.

Walter tried to lighten the mood by talking about one of Toby’s favorite songs. That backfired on him as Paige gave him the silent treatment over the fact that the genius screwed up a chance to work a case for the Department of Energy. That’s what you get for throwing him into the deep end, Paige! He thinks that you abandoned him like the way his family and classmates did. The liaison should have told Walter straight out that she was doing this to help him. She’s not going to hold his hand forever, and he should learn to connect better with people on his own. It’s like what Walter said to Paige towards the end, “Sometimes caring means tough love.”

Speaking of connecting with people, Sylvester does a little multitasking when Allie, the campaign manager for Patel, brings a teenage reporter to interview him. The human calculator did his best answering the reporter’s questions, but his mind was focused on the mission. Things worked out for him at the end though when the reporter said in her article that Sylvester is the kind of person who cares about the people around him and would do anything for them. I hope he can win the election!

Back to the mission, Walter and Paige managed to find a buoy used by marine scientists to map the ocean floor in real time. The former hacked into the buoy’s wifi and used it to send out an SOS signal. The signal reached a couple of Danish scientists who got the message to Sylvester and Happy. It seems like the commercial where Sylvester is depicted as a wizard reached more people than he thought. So much for a handful, hmm, Agent Gallo? Then, like it always does on Scorpion, things got worse. A frenzy (who came up with that?) of sharks have surrounded the buoy that Walter and Paige are stranded on. I agreed with Paige when she paraphrased that famous line from Jaws: We’re gonna need a bigger buoy.

When Walter told Paige to swim for Toby and Agent Gallo’s boat, I sensed that he is invoking the greater good. The genius wants to distract the sharks by swimming toward the raft, allowing Paige to get to the boat. If it weren’t for Happy using one of the submersibles to rescue Walter, the leader/founder of Scorpion would be sleeping with the fishes (or sharks, in this case).

In the end, the team didn’t get their five percent of the payment that Joan promised them. They had breached their contract by rescuing two of their own and not stayed with Joan and the treasure. I would like to point out that lives are more important than finding some sunken treasure. It’s true that Joan has spent the last six years finding the San Caldera, but if she were in Team Scorpion’s shoes, she would be able to understand why they did what they did. At least they can eat the coins that Joan sent them. #LookOntheBrightSide.

I loved the tender moments between Quintis and Waige at the end of the episode. Happy is feeling insecure about losing Toby after they get married. The shrink assured his future bride that she keeps him on his toes so the thrill of the chase is never over. In the case of Waige, there are no wedding bells for them yet, but they have returned to being great friends. I don’t like that Walter is in the Friend Zone, though it’s a step in the right direction.

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