Saying Goodbye To The Vampire Diaries: What I’ve Learned

Saying Goodbye To The Vampire Diaries: What I’ve Learned

Tonight marks the final episode of The Vampire Diaries.  It’s the moment fans have both been waiting for but also dreading at the same time.   I feel like the last 2 months has been a ridiculous roller coaster of emotion and chaos.  First we’re not sure if Nina Dobrev is coming back.  The she gives an interview on why she left the show in the first place.  Next thing you know there’s a script in her hand and she posts it to Instagram.  What comes after that? Cast pictures revealing that they’re filming and that this last and final episode is upon us.   It’s been one thing after the next but it finally comes to a head.

So here we are.  Know what I’ve learned in 8 seasons of watching The Vampire Diaries?  Well let me first start off by saying that I’ve never watched The Vampire Diaries.  Not one minute of one episode.  I just haven’t.  But from a guy who doesn’t watch the show let me share with you what I have in fact learned.

First off, Vampires are extremely good looking.  I mean, are you kidding me with this cast?  Both the men and women are stunning.

Second, Nina Dobrev officially replaced Emmanuelle Chriqui in life.    Sure I’ll throw in Victoria Justice too.  That’s all.  Have fun watching the finale.

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