Robert Conrad Today is Still as Sharp as Ever

Just because a person’s body starts giving out doesn’t mean that their mind will. Robert Conrad proves that gladly since he’s still got the same level of spirit and fire that he had when he was a younger man. If you have to ask who Robert Conrad is then it’s time to brush up on your history since Conrad has been around for a while. He was the original James West from Wild Wild West and he had a very successful acting career for a good while. He’s also been a singer and a radio show host, the latter of which he still does.

The right side of his body was partially paralyzed due to an injury he sustained during a car crash in which he pleaded no contest to drunk driving charges. After that he faced house arrest and had to undergo counseling while spending five years on probation. So while his physical body has undergone a lot of punishment throughout his life his mind is still as sharp as it ever was. He’s living proof that the mind isn’t always the first thing to go, no matter what science says. A lot of scientific research that speaks of how people age tends to say that the mind is one of the first things to go when people start getting older, and it’s not a lie at least since there have been many instances when people as they age have suffered from different forms of dementia and even just normal breakdowns in memory and cognitive thinking.

It’s a part of getting old, your body can’t function the way it used to and things start to slip. There’s no foolproof way to make any of it last forever since science, no matter what it can do at this point, can’t grant full immortality. The natural process of living and being human will only allow so much to be done before the remedies won’t work any longer and the body simply has to give up. The mind however is a resilient tool that like the rest of the body will age, but can stay as sharp and as useful into one’s later years as it was when they were much younger. It won’t be perfect by any means, but it also doesn’t necessarily quit working after so long. The most important muscle in the body needs a constant workout just like anything, and it might be that Conrad has been managing to do that throughout the years, finding ways to stimulate his mind even as his body’s been aging throughout that time.

That is about one of the only surefire ways that a person can stay sharp and witty as ever as they grow older. By stimulating your mind continually you can at least stave off the aging process for a little while. It won’t last forever, but it will help as one gets older to keep a sharp wit and continue to use the brain for various purposes rather than let it just sit and perform the most basic of functions.

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