Riverdale Season 2 Premiere: What We Learned

Riverdale Season 2 Premiere: What We Learned

Riverdale Season 2 Premiere: What We Learned

Season 2 of Riverdale has started up, which should come as welcome news to those who have been waiting to see what has happened to the residents of Riverdale. For the most part, the premiere laid the foundations for the season to follow, though it did resolve one of the biggest cliffhangers from the last season.

What Did We Learn from the Season 2 Premiere of Riverdale?

First, it turns out that Archie managed to save his father Fred by bringing him to the hospital, which is a relief because the name of the episode is the rather ominous “A Kiss Before Dying.” However, it is clear that Archie feels that he has not done enough to protect his father, with the result that he becomes focused on finding the shooter. This is fueled by Archie’s fear that the shooter will return for his father because of his father’s missing wallet as well as Archie’s suspicion that one of the Serpents might have been responsible because of the recent firings.

Second, Archie’s friends are standing by him, though their choices could result in some serious complications for them in the future. For example, Jughead has asked the Serpents to keep an eye out for information about the shooter, which produces some unexpected consequences when he finds that two of them have roughed up a man celebrating the shooting as a show of their loyalty to Jughead and thus Jughead’s father. Meanwhile, Veronica has made it clear that she intends to continue supporting Archie in his time of need, though it seems probable that this could result in conflict with her own family in the not so distant future. Already, she has accused her mother with being involved in the incident, while her reception of her newly-released father was cold to say the least.

Speaking of not so healthy parent-child relationships, Cheryl has made it clear that she is now the head of the Blossom family. It turns out that her mother was injured in the course of returning to their burning home for the purpose of saving a family portrait, with the result that she is now at the not so tender mercies of her own daughter. Suffice to say that there was blackmail involved in their confrontation as well as a not particularly subtle threat towards Penelope’s life should she fail to follow Cheryl’s lead in the future.

By the time that the episode returned to the Andrews family, there was both a positive note and a negative note. On the one hand, Fred managed to wake up after a series of memories involving his son as well as a beautiful vision of Archie and Veronica’s joyous wedding in the future, which resulted in a loving reunion between the two. On the other hand, it is clear that Archie is still traumatized by the whole incident because of his perfectly natural reaction of freezing when the shooter opened fire, as shown by the fact that he takes up a position by the door with a baseball bat that make sure that nothing like the shooting can happen again.

Finally, it seems that the fake Miss Grundy was doing the same thing in a place called Greendale that she was doing in Riverdale. However, it also seems that she won’t be doing that anymore, seeing as how the episode came to a conclusion with the shooter strangling at her at the end. Suffice to say that this makes the shooter’s motives even more mysterious, thus encouraging interested individuals to continue tuning in.


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