This is Ridley Scott’s One Complaint About Blade Runner 2049

Even though “Blade Runner 2049” was critically acclaimed, it fell a bit short as the box office smash that the loyal and longtime fans of the prior shows had hoped it would become. Even though the director of the movie, Denis Villeneuve is still trying to figure out why this move was such an underperformer, the original director from the film, Ridley Scott, has a few interesting ideas of his own regarding why it wasn’t very successful.

An Opinion from Scott

Recently, Ridley Scott let his two-cents be known about the lackluster performance and reception of “Blade Runner 2049.” Of course, this theory was introduced while Scott was working to promote his new film, “All the Money in the World.” It was during an interview that Scott had with Vulture, which is when he stated that there was a single, glaring problem with the final film that was produced. His theory didn’t have anything to do with the plot of the movie, or the characters. In fact, he actually takes quite a bit of credit for the plot of this movie. The problem that this movie had was that it was difficult to keep people in their seats.

The Theory Presented by Scott

According to Scott, during the interview, he had to be careful about what he said about the movie, but then after this comment, immediately started that it was just too long.

In fact, the movie, “Blade Runner 2049” was a total length of two hours and 44 minutes long. This was just short of being an entire hour longer than the initial “Blade Runner” movie. While this may seem like a blessing to all the die-hard fans who had been waiting decades to see the continuing of the story on the big screen; however, it made more of a risky investment for the casual viewer. This was especially the case for individuals who didn’t like the initial film, or who never actually saw it.

While the information above was true, the fact is, many thought that these comments were a bit surprising, since Scott had stated that the majority of this script was his. In fact, Scott actually served as one of the producers for the film and had an instrumental part in ensuring it was created to begin with. However, he didn’t receive any type of story or writing credit. In fact, he made the decision not to take the credit for this, because it would have meant that he had to have taped all the sit-downs he had with the film’s writers in order to provide proof that he was actually a part of the process.

The Bottom Line

So there you have it, the only reason that Scott stated he though “Blade Runner 2049” wasn’t the huge success everyone thought it would be was because of how long it was. Maybe if the film had been shorter the numbers in the box office would have been better?

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