Ridley Scott Can Make Six More Alien Films: Please Don’t

Ridley Scott Can Make Six More Alien Films: Please Don’t

So everyone’s all jacked up about Alien: Covenant.  And why shouldn’t they be?  The prologue that Ridley Scott made looks amazing.  The full trailer for the film looks amazing.  All of the posters for the movie look amazing.  The fact that Ridley Scott is returning to his science fiction roots is amazing.  It’s all amazing.  All up until I read some stuff I didn’t like today.  I read that Scott is already working on a script for an Alien: Covenant sequel.  I also read that he says he thinks he can make another 6 Alien Films.

Wait a second.  Has Alien: Covenant even come out yet?  I think the only director in the entire world who is allowed to boast about multiple sequels is James Cameron.  Cameron hasn’t made one bad movie in his entire life.  Ridley on the other hand had kind of a crappy phase until The Martian redeemed him  I’m not ready to hand that torch back just yet.  And who the hell wants to see six more Xenomorph flicks?  Come on man.  Let’s at least judge your return of Alien first.

Which by the way reminds me.  Can we stop advertising movies that are 100 years away?  I see all articles all the time talking about movies that won’t be out until 2020.  I can understand hyping a film a year in advance but good Lord, can we slow down a bit?

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