Rick and Morty Trapped in Pringles Ad for Super Bowl Commercial


The Super Bowl Sunday ad-stravaganza is almost upon us and obviously the party is starting a little early since there are already a few commercials that are piquing the interest of the fans. Bringing Rick and Morty into it by ‘trapping’ them in a Pringles commercial though is a little odd, but not so far out of the boundaries that it will make people wonder just what the writers were thinking of when they came up with it. In fact this commercial is actually more sensible than the Bryan Cranston Mt. Dew commercial that’s been circulating. It’s hard to believe that I just used the word ‘sensible’ in reference to anything that has to do with Rick and Morty, but it’s the truth in this case given that Pringles has been using the mix and match angle with their product for a little while now. In fact there might actually be people out there that would agree that mixing different flavored chips can create a different taste sensation in your mouth and make it possible to love the salted snacks even more. Of course in theory this might work with just about any chip so long as a person can stack them and then eat them all together since the flavor combinations are bound to be able to interact with each other no matter if it’s a Pringle or any other chip. The one good thing about Pringles however is that they’re actually designed to be stacked, which makes it easier to accomplish. Ethan Anderton of Slashfilm has more to add to this idea.

I would say that ‘only in a Rick and Morty show’ could this happen, but that would only be partially right since as it’s been shown since the program’s inception this is actually a mild representation of the cartoon duo given that some of the stuff they’ve done and experienced has in fact made people utter ‘wtf’ in a very breathless or excited tone. Rick and Morty are without a doubt two of the most controversial but also well-loved animated characters of the past decade and it’s been shown in various ways by the fans that they’ve become idols that many people are ready and willing to emulate now and again. To see them being used for Super Bowl Sunday isn’t too far beyond the stretch of one’s imagination since as pop culture icons they were bound to show up at some point and push one product or another. It’s kind of funny to think that some folks might call this ‘selling out’ since for a while it almost felt as though Rick and Morty were meant to stay away from mainstream commercialism, but given their popularity it wasn’t ever going to be possible to keep them away from this kind of notice forever. One has to wonder if this is just the beginning and the duo will begin to show up even more frequently or if this was just a play by Pringles to get the attention of the viewers on one of the most popular days of the year when ads cost millions of dollars for less than a minute but have a greater chance of being seen by a wider number of people.

For one of the biggest days of the year when people are actually watching TV just for the ads, well some of them anyway, this is a pretty good idea though for most companies and for those that have the budget, the connections, and the desire to see their ideas paraded in front of the people so that they can get the attention they desire. Rick and Morty haven’t exactly been lacking in the attention department over the years since just being their wild and crazy selves has been enough to attract the kind of notice that some shows can only dream about. But while Pringles is still a popular snack for many people one has to think that their ads have been kind of blah in the past even if a few of them have been kind of interesting. This whole idea of stacking individual chips to create a new flavor is kind of interesting but on the average a lot of people aren’t going to take the time to purchase multiple cans of Pringles and even if they do there’s not a lot of individuals that are going to sit and stack one chip on top of another repeatedly to get the taste they’re after or experiment endlessly with every flavor to develop a new taste profile. Jessica Wohl of Adage might not fully agree but it’s easy to think that it’s a great gimmick for a commercial even if it’s not entirely realistic. It’s an amusing concept and one that definitely makes for a slightly comedic moment but it’s also, like many commercials, an impractical use of a very practical product that helps to gain the kind of attention that many companies are looking for on a day like this. It’s likely to be effective even if it’s just as ridiculous as anything Rick and Morty have ever done.

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