10 Things You Didn’t Know about Planet Earth: Dynasties

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Planet Earth: Dynasties

It’s interesting how people claim that we share this world with the animals of the fields, jungles, and so on so forth, but many of those species are on the verge of slipping away from the world due to many different factors, a lot which are influenced by humanity. Through deforestation, competition for resources, and many other factors the animals that were once so dominant in the various regions of the world are slowly slipping away and dying off as humanity continues to press forward. Planet Earth: Dynasties, was filmed to show the desperate measures that some animals must go to and the trials they must go through in order to simply survive each passing day. While people watch it becomes apparent just what has been done to the delicate balance that is needed to sustain the lives of these species, and how it’s been tipped more than once throughout the years.

Here are a few things you might not know about the show.

10. The show has to do with the world’s most endangered species.

The program focuses upon five animal species in order to narrow it down a bit as there are a great number of animals in this world that are either facing extinction or are endangered for various reasons. In this manner however we still get a decent idea of how animals in the wild are forced to constantly compete for resources.

9. This show was created after a 4-year study of the selected species.

One thing that it’s been noted that it takes for such a view is time, as despite how quickly life passes in the open it can take a decent amount of time to really notice how the dynamics within packs change.

8. Challenges to each species will be shown throughout the series to depict just how they’ve been forced to adapt to survive.

Each species has a very common challenge presented to them in terms of food, dominance, and other issues that occur on a regular basis. But then again each species does seem to handle their given issues in different ways and thus has to learn how to adapt to their environment.

7. Sir David Attenborough will be presenting.

Attenborough is well known among this community as he has narrated such series before and has brought a very professional and prized look at such documentaries in the past. Both his manner and his professionalism are a boon to this type of series.

6. There was a hardback book written to accompany this series.

This would seem like a wise idea since not everyone watches TV and not everyone has the time or the means. But a book would also go into much greater detail at times and would no doubt be more accessible to those that wanted to learn more.

5. The painted wolves were actually driven out of their territory by a blood rival.

The daughter of the original matriarch actually forced her mother and group out of their territory, which shows that loyalty in the wild doesn’t always stack up against the need for resources. It might not be a universal example but it does show that family does pale next to survival after an animal is grown.

4. It’s shown that human interaction is a big factor in the survival, or lack thereof, of these animals.

From deforestation to the taking over of various habitats human beings have been seen to be one of the biggest factors in the destruction of a great deal of land that these animals need to survive.

3. In terms of reality TV this series and many like it are as brutal as it gets.

Life in the wild is not kind or fair as humans would see it since quite often animals are left to die or forced to thrive as they will. The morality that human beings cling to is not a necessity within the animal kingdom, at least not to many species.

2. There are moments when the film crew has had to intervene.

Normally during such a series the film crew are to stand back and do nothing while nature takes its course. In this series however they did help a group of penguins out of a trench in order to continue their journey. More often than not however they will do nothing and let things happen as they will.

1. Some of the animals did pass away not long after filming.

Whether this was something to do with humanity or simply because the animals were fighting among themselves for dominance some of the animals have passed away since the making of this series.

The animals we love to watch and learn about are under constant threat from losing their habitats, their resources, and in some cases their lives. In series’ such as this it’s a hope that people start realizing that we’re not the only ones on this planet.

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