Rick and Morty Spinoff “The Vindicators” Coming to Adult Swim

It would appear a lot of people are moving forward and the term ‘spinoff’ has become the big idea at this point, as The Vindicators will taking off thanks to Rick and Morty, but thankfully WITHOUT Rick and Morty. The team will be headed out on their own adventures for at least a season to see how they’ll do and whose lives they’ll disrupt since it’s fair to say that they’re a fairly dysfunctional team that can do just as much damage as they try to prevent. Supernova, Vance Maxiumus, Alan rails, Crocubot, and Noob Noob will be headed back to fight crime and do what they can to avert genocide from occurring on their watch. This time they’ll be doing their own thing and as such, we won’t be seeing Rick and Morty, at least that appears to be the thought. This is how spinoffs work after all, and while there might be mention of the show that got them started and the occasional cameo, or more depending on how things go, this is the chance to see how this particular team is going to work on its own. It’s too easy to be pessimistic about the chances that any spinoff might have since there are a handful of spinoffs that have worked in the past few decades, but it’s also easy to just sit back and watch as things unfold and the team gets to tell their own story without Rick’s mayhem getting in the way. Seeing how nuts most of the shows on Adult Swim tend to get one can imagine that this one will end up being something insanely goofy but likely also something that people will enjoy simply because it’s the same type of lunacy that they’ve enjoyed for so long. One of the big differences though is that, unlike Rick and Morty, there doesn’t appear to be a return to quasi-normal since the characters are all based in space and the worlds they’re bound to visit are going to be nuttier as they go along.

The beauty of this is that Rick and Morty’s fans have been watching this kind of programming for so long that they’re not likely to be phased by anything unless the show takes a serious turn and does something they’re not expecting. If you’re wondering what that could possibly be, you’re not alone. Many are already so immune to the strange and unusual after watching the show for so many years that there’s very little, if anything, that’s going to shock them. Of course, if the show did attempt to bring a bit of normalcy into the mix a lot of fans might be a little more upset than unnerved since the irony of it would be enough to make a lot of people take note. But what’s normal for those that watch Adult Swim is to see as much crazy as possible in a concentrated effort to keep them entertained and appeased in a number of ways, an AS knows just how to do it. The Vindicators won’t be the only spinoff that’s coming, but the quasi-heroic team will definitely be one of the more entertaining shows of the bunch since their style and their actions are enough to make a lot of people laugh and get behind them in order to see more. It goes without saying that AS is where a lot of people go when they want to laugh until they’re in hysterics and enjoy the material that might actually make several people blush just because it’s the type that appears and sounds to be taboo in a lot of ways. In fact, some of the stuff that AS does is enough to make a person feel guilty just for watching, and guiltier still for enjoying it.

How the show will do and if it will last that long is difficult to guess since there were plenty of people that didn’t think that Rick and Morty would last that long and look how far they’ve come. The kind of humor that AS is known to push is definitely a bit fringe sometimes but it gets results and it makes people laugh so it’s easy to call it a success. It’s always easy to wonder if a spinoff is going to draw in as many people as the original show does since there are times when the characters of the spinoffs are best left as minor players in the bigger show. But there’s no harm in trying and there’s a lot of faith that this could work, so it’s work taking a crack at it in order to see what will happen. It could be that The Vindicators will actually turn out to be far more popular than some are thinking, but like always we’ll wait and see.

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