Revolution 2.16 Review: “Exposition Boulevard”

Revolution 2.16 Review: “Exposition Boulevard”


This week on Revolution, the standoff between Miles, Rachel, Neville and Jason continues from last episode. The only way of solving it would be to see who would shoot first. Doyle cuts this short and the Patriots attempt to ambush them. Unfortunately for them, Miles and Rachel flee easily.

Neville is castigated by Doyle after the plan doesn’t go to plan and they are nowhere near capturing Monroe. As Doyle kicks Truman out — of his own office – he reveals to Neville that the only reason he and Julia are alive is because the President had given orders not to kill them.

Throughout the episode we see that the Patriots don’t have a very high opinion of Truman, he simply does what he’s told. This is surprising as a few weeks ago it was assumed that Truman was one of the worst when in comparison to the rest of them, he’s a bit soft. The question is — if he’s not as extreme as them, how far are they willing to go?

The flashback reveals a little insight into Truman’s past, working at a US detention facility on Guantanamo Bay. They continued running the facility even though nothing had been heard from the mainland in months. Truman questions this but is immediately shot down by his superior. Nothing has changed then, really. The surviving members of the US Government arrive on boats and they begin planning for a new United States with only the fittest surviving.

Elsewhere, a week later Monroe, Connor and Charlie return to the group at last. Miles comically comments that he had betted on Monroe coming back empty handed. Again we are reminded that there aren’t enough men and the chances of them defeating the Patriots are slim.

The re-education program is underway at the camp; Miles and Monroe are horrified to see that they’re just kids. Were they kidnapped and forced to enlist? As the two of them head back to their safe house they find some new Patriot recruits spying on them. One of the recurring themes of the episode is the decision on whether or not to kill these new recruits. They are just children but these children have been re-educated as soldiers in the new United States.  Miles has mixed feelings, he wants to be a better man for Rachel but cannot help but see Monroe’s side of things. They are a threat.

They are brought back to the safe house where they all argue over what to do with them, as the kids both listen intently saying very little. What they make crystal clear however is that they wanted to sign up, the whole town did. Why would they? Gene knows those kids, he delivered them into the world making things a lot more personal. Gene and Rachel take them home and Miles tags along. Miles is still conflicted but Rachel reminds him that Monroe killed Danny.

Aaron and Priscilla are heading back to Willoughby, only Priscilla is acting a little strange. She has gone from the most miserable to the happiest. She gleefully asks Aaron ‘Isn’t this the best apple you’ve ever tasted?’ Aaron questions what is happening with her but she tells him she is just glad they are alive and together. Aaron melts and agrees. They later snuggle up and make love with little hesitation on Aaron’s part. Seriously Aaron? We know she’s your ex-wife but Cynthia only died a few weeks ago! As he sleeps she sneaks off into the woods and is embraced by the fireflies, have they taken over her? What’s their plan?

Back in Willoughby, Kim and Dillon are brought back home. Kim’s father is initially furious that they removed them from the camp but as Kim opens up about the harsh conditions and how they are unable to remember things, he realises something is not right. Her father looks in her eyelid and finds a number tattooed, he reads it out and unknowingly activates her. She shoots him and tries to shoot the others but the gun is out of bullets. Feeling helpless, the re-educated Kim picks up a sharp tool and slits her throat. Wow. This re-education program is tough.

They return to the safe house with Dillon, only to be ambushed by the Patriots. Neville had convinced Truman to go behind Doyle’s back and capture Monroe themselves. Of course this backfires and the gang get away. This leads to Truman being reprimanded by Doyle, he tries to stand up for himself as they are his men and he doesn’t need permission as they all have the same goal as far as he is aware. Doyle is a nasty piece of work and is played brilliantly by Christopher Cousins. He tells Truman clearly and brutally that he needs to ask him permission for everything and is dismissed. As Truman storms out with Neville, he looks to question if he’s doing the right thing which is something that Neville picks up on immediately.

Unfortunately for Neville, once again Doyle is one step ahead. He summons Jason and holds him down before reading out the number on his eyelid. Jason is activated into soldier mode and Doyle begins to question him about his father.

The best question of the week is what are they fighting for? A good point and something that hasn’t been portrayed too well this season. We know that Monroe wants to bring back the Monroe Republic but why does everyone else? Of course, there is doing the right thing but after the Patriots are defeated, what then? Hopefully we will learn more of the reasons why they are doing this in next week’s episode.

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