Resident Evil Live-Action TV Show Details Released

Resident Evil Live-Action TV Show Details Released

Resident Evil Reboot

It’s hard not to think that Resident Evil might do more on TV than it’s done in the movies even though in the movie theaters it’s done quite well despite a lot of the criticism that’s been levied towards it throughout the years. Many fans of the popular game franchise have gone as far to say that the movies really haven’t grasped a lot of the more intricate details that they were hoping for, even if they have managed to entertain a lot of casual and fair-weather fans that were impressed by the effects and the storylines that were presented in a kind of haphazard way at times. The one good thing about the movies is that there’s usually some narration to make the viewer aware of what’s going on, though to be fair the action is enough to do that after a while since it usually comes down to the same idea, the undead have overrun the earth and the survivors have to do the best they can to stay alive, while some of them are attempting to create a new world order and others are just trying to get by. That’s a pretty common story to be certain since it’s been seen in many post-apocalyptic movies that humans won’t be as unified as they possibly can, given that there will always be those that are more than willing to deny the right to live to those that they don’t think deserve it. The Umbrella Corporation in Resident Evil has been that way for the most part since they don’t tend to think that anyone outside of their influence is anything but a threat.

It does sound as though the first season is going to be eight episodes in length, with each episode running about an hour long. There are a lot of questions already to be certain, but as far as the story goes it sounds as though sisters Billie and Jade Wesker will be moving to New Raccoon City, and there will be two primary timelines that will be featured as fans will be allowed to focus on a young Jade and then a Jade that has to deal with the zombie outbreak and the fact that there are only millions of humans left in the world and billions of monsters and undead roaming the landscape.  That sounds like fun, doesn’t it? The bid for survival in this world is one that exists as a daily premise since obviously in the Resident Evil storyline the monsters only get tougher, more complex, and are genetically modified so that the remains of the Umbrella Corporation can continue to be the evil pains in the backside they started out as. It’s interesting to think that during such a time that humans wouldn’t band together against a common enemy, but of course, that’s usually not the type of narrative that gets a lot of attention, and as the current pandemic has taught us it’s just not the way things go since humans are finicky beings at heart that are going to disagree on pretty much anything no matter how serious it is.

The best idea for the show is to stick as close to the games as possible, as it’s already been seen that the movies have deviated in a big way and are seen as a little problematic since fans took note right away and started calling it out. This isn’t to say that the movies were unpopular following this, but the movies also started off with such a bang that watching it devolve slightly into something that fans could only barely recognize at times was a bit difficult since it implied that the source material didn’t really matter and that neither did the fans. In truth, people still love the movies and will hopefully love the show since it does sound as though it might stick closer to the idea of the games, which could be kind of interesting since the games are absolutely brutal in many ways and tend to push the story in directions that the casual fan might know little nothing about. To be sure, that’s even better since it offers a lot of chance for people to be honestly entertained by something they didn’t see coming and also give them something to think about for each new episode. The only downfall is that Netflix will release everything all at once as usual, meaning that people will binge-watch every episode and be done with it in short order. Some people enjoy this, others don’t, but hopefully, everyone will enjoy the idea of Resident Evil coming to Netflix, since if the first season goes off without a hitch it could mean that there will be more to come. So long as it keeps to the video game as closely as possible one can’t help but think this could be a big success.

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