10 Things You Didn’t Know about Regé-Jean Page

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Regé-Jean Page

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Regé-Jean Page

With his handsome face and undeniable acting skills, it was only a matter of time before Regé-Jean Page found himself on the brink of superstardom. Since making his first on screen appearance in 2005, Regé-Jean has worked hard to establish himself as someone people should pay attention to. After a series of minor roles in various TV shows, he got his first big opportunity when he was cast as Chicken George in the TV miniseries, Roots. Two years later, he landed the role of Leonard Knox in the show For The People and it’s been nothing but up from there. 2020 proved to be the year he was waiting for, and he has recently gotten a lot of attention for his role in the Netflix series, Bridgerton. As one of the show’s stars, Rege was instrumental in bringing the story to life and viewers are really loving his work. Keep reading to find out 10 things you didn’t know about Regé-Jean Page.

1. He Was Born In Zimbabwe

Regé-Jean has born in Zimbabwe and raised there for the early part of his life. His mother is Black and his father is white. Regé-Jean eventually relocated to England with his family where he initially struggled to adjust to being surrounded by a completely new culture.

2. He Studied At The  Drama Centre London

Once Regé-Jean was sure that acting was what he wanted to do with his life, he knew that he wanted to learn as much as he could. He decided to study acting at Drama Centre London where he graduated in 2013. The school boasts a long list of other notable alumni including Piece Brosnan, Colin Firth, and Russell Brand.

3. He Loves Being Out In Nature

Regé-Jean is extremely thankful to be living his dream, and he is fortunate to be in a situation where his schedule is packed with opportunity. At the same time, however, sometimes he needs a quick break to relax and recharge. Spending time outside is one of his favorite ways to collect his thoughts.

4. He Was In A Punk Rock Band

Acting isn’t the only are of the arts that has grabbed Regé-Jean’s attention. He is also a huge music lover and was even in a punk rock band at one point. He even dyed his hair all sorts of bold colors. Regé-Jean’s music is what eventually lead him to discover his interest in acting. His punk rock days are over now, but Regé-Jean still makes music.

5. He Loves To Read

During an interview with In Style Regé-Jean shared that he likes to read before bed and added, “It’s nice to read myself a bedtime story, basically. It’s a good time to take in someone else’s thoughts and see if your brain can do something fun with that when you fall asleep.”

6. He Enjoys Learning New Things

Having the desire to constantly expand and grow is a necessary skill to be successful in any creative endeavor. Luckily for Regé-Jean, it’s a skill that he has. He loves learning new things and hopes to continue to find new opportunities to learn throughout his career.

7. He’s A Tracy Chapman Fan

As a musician himself, it only makes sense that he would also enjoy other people’s work. While talking to In Style, he shared that the first album he ever bought was Tracy Chapman’s 1988 self-titled debut. He said, “It’s still basically my Bible. I think there’s this incredible clarity and honesty that Tracy has in the album. People overuse the phrase timeless but it’s completely timeless. There’s a pure, unfiltered humanity, and it’s the most moving thing I own still.”

8. His First Name Is Pronounced Like A Popular Genre Of Music

Some people who see Regé-Jean’s name may be a little confused about how to pronounce it. In a tweet from 2017, he broke down the pronunciation and explained that Rege is pronounced like reggae, Jean is pronounced like John (but with a French accent). His last name is simply pronounced as page.

9. Bridgerton Isn’t His First Time Working With Shonda Rhimes

Shonda Rhimes has become one of the most well-known TV producers and writers in the industry and working with her has become a goal for many actors. Regé-Jean is proud to say that he’s worked with her not once, but twice. In 2018, he was a cast member on the short lived Shondaland series, For the People.

10. The Unpredictable Nature Of Acting Is His Favorite Thing

Every actor has something different that they love the most about acting. For Regé-Jean that thing is never knowing what’s going to happen next. He told Square Mile, “The unexpected, is all that I really want. It’s my favourite thing about this job. It’s thinking that you’re going in one direction and discovering something entirely new. And growing from experiencing and exploring that.”

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