Recap – Burn Notice 4.04 “Breach of Faith”

Michael and JoshWe open with Fiona in the Bahamas speaking with Michael on the phone. Jesse is seen in the background drinking with multiple women. Michael is heard chastising Fiona for being at a bar when she and Jesse should be out looking for the body of a weapons dealer. Jesse is shown to be having a good time. Fiona is given a drink by the Bahamas coroner’s assistant. Jesse comes over, in a fake accent, to make a distraction. Jesse and the assistant argue and fight, which allows Fiona to grab the keys to the coroner’s office.

Over at the coroner’s, Jesse is seen in the coroner’s office looking for clues to ‘Cobra’. Before he leaves, Jesse sees that the police have entered. He decides to hide inside a body locker. As he exits the building, the coroner’s assistant sees him and a chase ensues. The chase makes its way to the docks where Fiona is there to give Jesse a getaway boat ride. The two escape with ease and are seen traveling down the river.

Back in Miami, Fiona and Jesse enter Michael’s apartment to talk about their mission in the Bahamas. Michael is not amused with Fiona’s ‘vacation’pictures and asks only for the pictures from the dead man Jesse took. Fiona points out that the dead body had tissue of his killer on him but no match to anyone. Jesse points out that the dead man also had throat problems which could mean he was the one calling Jesse. Michael insists that they send the info to Sam, but Jesse assures him it’s already done. Michael goes to call Sam, which Jesse again tells him that Sam already called back with info. The dead body is that of Jeremiah Kasar. He rented a mailbox to which has his home address linked to. Fiona tells Michael before he can look into that, Sam has asked Michael for a favor. A car horn is heard honking outside and Michael knows Sam is ready to cash in the favor. Fiona tells Michael she will look into the address while Michael helps Sam.

Outside Sam tells Michael that they need to help out a family who own a charity that helps out families of those who lost loved ones in wars. Sam tells him he works there all the time. Sam tells Michael that Josh Wagner (the next client) has invested money into a fake corporation who has tricked Josh into putting more money in, in which the corporation has took all his money. Sam only wants Michael to point Sam in the right direction, a simple job.

At Josh’s house, his wife comes out upset. She said that Josh has gone to visit Madison, the man who took his money. The men are informed that the charity is going to be shut down for lack of funds. Sam agrees to go find Josh and Michael is really unhappy that this ‘consultation’is now becoming a job. Sam eases the pain by saying that this job will kill time while Fiona and Jesses look for Kasar’s home.

Meanwhile, Jesse and Fiona are at the place where Kasar rented the mailbox and are asking to find the address where Kasar lives. Jesse fakes a honeymoon story to try and get the address. The woman behind the counter shows the two a confidentiality policy to state she is not allowed to give out that info. Before she calls the cops, Jesse changes his story to say that Kasar is behind on child support, this is to hit the woman’s soft spot for kids. The story works and the two are able to get an address.

Over at the bank, Michael and Sam see that Josh is there. As the two men walk over to the car they see Josh has come prepared, as Michael pulls out an empty gun holster. Inside Josh is pointing his gun at Nick Madison and Patty, Madison’s wife. Patty is screaming at Josh not to shoot. Sam tells Josh to calm down. Josh freaks and tells Sam what is happening and that he is out of options. Josh states that Nick is a thief and points the gun back at him. Madison speaks and Josh abruptly hits Nick in the face. Sam once again tries to calm Josh down. Josh disagrees and goes to lock the Madison’s in the break as police sirens are heard approaching. Sam acts fast and closes the blinds. Michael is not sure why Sam is doing this and Sam says that he is only following his gut.

The police have the place surrounded. Sam states that he is helping Josh to which Michael asks why he wants to make this a hostage situation when it doesn’t need to be. Sam says no matter what, Josh is going to jail but Nick needs to stop doing his crimes. Josh returns and tells Sam and Michael they need to leave because this is his fight and not theirs. Josh states he can fix this. The police call the bank and Josh is now scared as he sees all the swat and police officers. Lt. Casey tells the people inside to pick up the phone. Sam tells Michael he can go now and not get roped in. Michael tells Josh not to answer the phone. Michael answers the phone and pretends to be a hostage and speaks with the LT. Michael says that he is buying time, and Sam says that now they are calling the shots. Josh agrees this is good. Sam takes away the gun and finds out its empty. Outside the Lt tells a police officer to cut all power to the building and let the people inside sweat till they answer. Sam says that they need to interrogate the Madison family.

Michael goes and talks with Nick. Nick just wants Josh to let them go. Over in the break room, Sam is talking with Patty. She has no idea why Josh is doing this. Back in Nick’s room, he and Michael are seen smiling. Nick can’t figure out why people are upset at him. He says he does what he does because of his lack of money. Michael says that to get out alive, Nick must come clean. Sam is seen pressuring Patty to tell him where the money is. She says that haven’t stolen money. Sam pleads with her and says that innocent families will pay because of Nick’s thieving. Patty says that her husband is a good man. She pulls the name Tom Norris and Sam seems interested. Nick is telling Michael that everything they need to know about josh is on his computer. He tells Michael he has done nothing wrong. Michael leaves and locks Nick in his rooms.

Michael and Sam are seen rifling through Nick’s invoices and money notes. They see that it all adds up which to them proves that he is hiding something. (In a voice over Michael states that when everything seems in order, that usually the person or papers are lying.) Michael sees that nothing is important in the papers. Josh says that he is doomed and will now go to jail. Sam then remembers Patty saying something about a man named Tom Norris. Josh knows the name and that he has talked to him. Sam says that it is Nick’s right hand man. Michael tells Josh to put the Madison’s in the same room. Michael then says he will find a way to get contact outside and find Tom. In a supply closet, Michael sets up a phone line and is able to phone out. Sam enters and says he was able to find some info on Tom.

Fiona and Jesse have found Kasar’s home and are trying to break in. Jesse is worried that he hasn’t had made contact with Michael in quite some time. Fiona says they are probably eating. Fiona states that she can’t get in because the door is extra secure. A neighbor walks up and is wondering why they are trying to get in the home. The lady asks why they are there, to which the two make up a fake story. The woman is relentless but luckily the two are able to leave the woman as Michael makes contact with Fiona. Michael cuts Fiona off to tell her that they are holding hostages and tells her to find Tom Norris.

Back at the bank, Nick tells Josh he will show him the bank accounts from their ‘corporation’to maybe ease Josh’s anger. When Nick opens the drawer, he pulls out a gun. Michael grabs it from Nick and Patty realizes that Michael and Sam are there to help Josh. Michael tells Josh to take the hostages to the break room. Nick exclaims that now everyone is going to jail, as he walks off.

Sam is seen counting all the charges they will get once arrested. He is apologetic to Michael about getting him in here. He then tells Michael about the time he spent in jail as a kid. Michael says that they still have cards to play. Michael picks up the phone, but to his disappointment, Lt Casey has all the names of everyone inside, including Michael’s name. The two converse and Michael talks about getting a getaway vehicle. Michael says a hostage will be freed when a vehicle is seen. Sam says that they can escape then. Michael stops him by saying that they need to focus on one problem at a time.

Meanwhile, Fiona and Jesse find Tom in downtown Miami. A foot chase erupts with Jesse chasing Tom. It is quickly ended when Fiona, with the help of Jesse distracting Tom, hits Tom with her car. The two grab Tom and say they work for Nick. They claim they need their cut of the money. They take Tom to the Bank where Nick and everyone else are, to show Nick is in trouble. Tom is confused when the two ask about an account, as Nick always converts everything to cash after a job. He then spills that there is a floor safe in the conference room.

Michael receives a call from Fiona telling him about the safe in the conference room. He explains that it won’t be easy to leave as he and Sam are now held as accomplices. Fiona is upset but is subdued when Michael says she needs to create a big diversion.

Michael and Sam begin tearing up the carpet in the conference room and soon find the floor safe. The two know that they won’t get the code. In the break room, Josh tries to get the combination. Patty knows nothing about the safe. Nick lies about the content and this infuriates Sam and Josh. Sam says that nothing is stopping him from killing Nick. In this week’s MacGuyver moment, Michael and Sam create a bomb to blow the safe using bullets, a metal frame, and a toaster oven. With the safe a little free, Michael and Sam break the rest of the concrete using Nick’s golf clubs. They release the safe and break it open by dropping it from the second floor. The safe contains over a million dollars and Patty seems surprised to see the money, as is Josh. Patty freaks but Nick begins to assault her. Sam grabs Nick, but not before Nick throws a stone out the window. Sam is worried as is Michael that the police are going to come in. Fiona tells Michael that they have five minutes to make a plan. Michael explains that he has no idea how he is going to get out of this situation.

The police are shown ready to move. Sam says they have little time. He tells Michael that he and Josh are going to walk outside and turn themselves in. Michael disagrees but Sam keeps saying that it is his fault they are there. Michael knows how to get everyone out without going to jail. Sam describes a bank heist in Lima where the robbers disguised themselves as the hostages. Michael says he knows how to pull this job off.

In the break room, Sam talks with Patty and lets her know he is sorry. Patty is upset that Nick has lied to her and that he has con many people. Sam lets her know that she can live a normal life if she gives up Nick as being a robber. Patty believe that Josh, Michael and Sam should go to jail for keeping her hostage. Josh says that only he should be held responsible as he apologies. He says she can point him out as the bad guy.

In the main room, Michael is talking with Nick. He claims he will use as a hostage to leave. However, Michael holds a gun to Nicks head but does so that when Sam, Patty and Josh enter, Nick grabs the gun from Michael. Nick points the gun at everyone while he says he is soon leaving. Michael agitates Nick to shoot him. Nick keeps the gun on Michael as Michael keeps pestering. All of a sudden, the swat team enters and finds Nick holding the gun. Michael, Patty, Sam, and Josh all fake as hostages as the swat team take out Nick with a Taser. Outside, Michael asks if Sam took care of everything. Sam tells Michael that it’s all up to Patty now.

In a police van, Patty listens to the 911 tape she called in to show Nick was the one holding everyone hostage. Lt Casey asks why she made the call. She exclaimed that Josh wanted money back. She creates a story that that Nick pulled a gun on Josh and started the whole hostage plan. Nick is soon seen being hauled off to jail. Casey congratulates Michael but knows that Michael had blown up Nicks safe.

Back at Josh’s, Sam and Michael are talking with Josh and his wife. Michael tells Josh to call Barry (the money launderer) and let him deal with Josh’s money from now on. Sam tells Michael he is sorry about the job, but Michael says that it is ok what happened.

At Kasar’s, Michael and Jesse attempt to get into the home. Michael finally makes his way in only to find that the entire home is very clean. The two guys tear around the home and find nothing. Jesse does not want to give up looking around. Michael asks the nosey neighbor, Kendra, when was the last time she say Kasar. She said it has been a few days and that no one has shown up. Michael returns back to Jesse and tells him that all the photos in Kendra’s home didn’t have her in any of them. Jesse also remarks that she was wearing a full track suit but yet was just running in the Miami heat. Michael realizes that she killed Kasar. The two bust into Kendra’s home as she is seen breaking her wall to get some items. She sees the men enter and opens fire before being chased out by Jesse. Michael digs in the wall and finds a tape cartridge and realizes that Kendra may be more valuable then they think.

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