Here are Some Really Twisted Nickelodeon Fan Theories

No network is ever totally free of controversy, and even Nickelodeon has had their share of fan theories that are more than a little twisted. Growing up I can recall rumors about certain shows and movies that might have been looked at as perfect for kids, but now that I look at them I can see why some older kids and adults snickered behind their hands. There are a lot of hidden jokes and adult situations in movies and kids’ shows that go unnoticed largely because kids either don’t understand them and therefore don’t give them much attention, or allow their attention to be drawn to other matters within the show. The point is that kids don’t notice them and as such it becomes even more twisted because the cartoons get away with it.

But adults and adolescents tend to look at things in a different light more often.

5. Spongebob is dead.

This theory comes from the Spongebob movie when he and Patrick seemed to act a lot differently than they do now. When a sponge or a starfish loses a body part that piece will then grow a new body. So in all honesty their tears didn’t save them from drying out as it shows in the movie, but instead they are now regrown body parts that are essentially very young and therefore very different.

4. Steve from Blue Clues is a drug addict.

Have you ever noticed how he can talk to the cartoon dog that’s the namesake of the show? And he believes he can leap into paintings and do a wide assortment of other things? Plus, Steve is constantly unable to find the clues that have been left about without some help. That points to a very serious loss of cognitive thought that could be a result from years of drug abuse.

3. Mr. Krabs is a cannibal.

A mystery meat sandwich that is called a Krabby Patty being eaten by a guy called Mr. Krabs is definitely suspect. Of course cannibalism is not a new thing in the wide open ocean, so why should it be in cartoons? Obviously you wouldn’t want to see Mr. Krabs go crack open one of his own kind and serve them up on a bun, but maybe this was the compromise.

2. Big Pete from Pete and Pete was schizophrenic.

This one is kind of suspect since it indicates that Little Pete was Big Pete’s hallucination and nothing more. This would go for the friends that came around and were in tight with Little Pete and, as an extension, Big Pete. The show only ran for a short time so it’s hard to really narrow in the particulars on this one, though it seems a little less than solid as a theory.

1. Kurt from Good Burger had ties to the Mafia.

When Mondo Burger tries to out-muscle Good Burger Kurt is the guy that’s running the show over at Mondo. He has a seemingly endless supply of cash and could possibly outlast Good Burger without much effort had he not been arrested. Usually the line “Do you know who my father is?” means that a person’s father is someone important and possibly wealthy, unless it’s a bluff.

There are a lot more twisted theories to Nickelodeon shows, but take them with a big grain of salt since that’s all they are, theories.

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