Ranking The Top Five Tim Burton Movie Characters and Why

Tim Burton has a very twisted mind and it’s often reflected in his characters since that’s the best place to put those insane thoughts when he needs an outlet. Some of his characters are so far out there that they easily stand out as his best and for good reasons. The nightmares or daydreams this man must have would surely unnerve most people, but he seems to channel that energy into something both creative and wondrous as he brings each and every movie to the awaiting public. Dark and odd have become trademarks almost when discussing his movies.

Who else could take Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and make it look like a walk into the Twilight Zone?

5. Edward Scissorhands

The reason for this one is pretty simple, the idea of someone having scissors for fingers is horrifying yet compelling enough to tell a story about. Edward wanted to be human, and his creator wanted to give him real hands, but he died before it could ever happen. The tragic tale of Edward Scissorhands is that he wanted to be accepted, but at the first test of real loyalty all but one person either turned on him or backed away.

4. The Mad Hatter

The Hatter was reduced to his madness for a couple of reasons, but nothing ever seems to bring him back to full sanity, and that’s what makes him so cool. He’s the guy that can flip on you at any moment but for the most part tempers his madness as it’s needed around those he cares about. But throughout it all he’s still the zany, insane person that always has time for tea and would gladly wish you a very merry unbirthday.

3. Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington is the king of Halloween but when he hits Christmas he’s as innocent as any young child, which is why he’s so high on the list. His wonder and his awe are so great to see in someone that’s supposed to be terrifying that it gives hope to just about anyone that even those who are particularly nasty have a soft spot somewhere that just needs to be found.

2. The Cheshire Cat

Admittedly this is a personal choice and not really Burton’s character but one interpretation of it. But still, the Cheshire in this form is not as whimsical as the animated version and as a result is a bit more creepy but still uniquely awesome since he’s so capable of keeping himself away from the fighting if he wants, but realizes what will happen if the Red Queen is to win the final battle. But his middle of the road stance is a big mystery in the story, so as an enigma the Cheshire is simply too great to ignore.

1. Beetlejuice

There was only one that could reach the top and you can easily imagine that Beetlejuice would do absolutely anything to reach it. He’s the ghost with the most, the nastiest rat in the pack, and is so bad that his fellow spirits want nothing to do with him. But despite all that he’s definitely biggest powerhouse on this list and the one guy that is perhaps among the most prized characters that Burton has.

Even better, hopefully, is that Beetlejuice will be coming with a sequel.

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