Ranking the Top Five Power Rangers Villains of All-Time

Ranking the Top Five Power Rangers Villains of All-Time

The Power Rangers have had a LOT of enemies over the years, but when you look back on it those that have been the most troublesome haven’t always been the monsters that were thrown at them, but the masterminds behind them. The big bosses that stayed behind the scenes and watched their forces get decimated by the Rangers weren’t always as weak as you might have believed for not getting into the battle. They were often smarter to wait until the Rangers came to them, since this was when their true power was shown. The toughest villains of all when it came to those that opposed the Power Rangers were often the ones pulling the strings and making their fighting debut on the show after stoking the fans to such a degree that they were almost yelling for a confrontation between the big bads and the Rangers.

On five different occasions the Power Rangers had to own up to the fact that while they’re stronger together they’re not quite invincible. Here are five of the toughest villains of all time from the Power Rangers.

5. Octomus the Master – Power Rangers Mystic Force

This is an interesting character since his mystique is kept all the way until the final episode when he’s finally revealed. He gets mentioned now and again but until that last episode he doesn’t get shown. Such an insane level of buildup to a character can sometimes make it seem like a total letdown when the villain finally arrives, but in this case there was no such letdown and fans could hardly believe what he really looked like and how extremely powerful he was. After all every monster that was sent after the group had a measure of power that was given to them by the Master for their continued loyalty. If you really think about it this is as biblical as the show ever got since the Master is obviously a ruler of some type of hell and the kind of creature that would easily pass as the famed Devil from Christian lore.

4. Deker – Power Rangers Samurai

Most villains are spoiling for a fight but there’s usually another motivator that is driving them forward such as world domination and the subjugation of the human race, or something akin to that. Not so with Deker. He just wants to fight, and he wants to find an opponent that’s worthy of his skills and his sword. That alone makes him one of the most dangerous villains in any Power Rangers series since the warrior that just wants to fight doesn’t tend to stop until they’ve found their match, and with Deker that seemed like it might be a long, long wait. Plus, despite being an honorable warrior he doesn’t care much for who gets hurt during the fight and he’ll fight to the death, his or the other person’s, it doesn’t matter really.

3. Ransik – Power Rangers Time Force

Ransik is probably one of the most intimidating villains to date since the things he says and the way he looks are both just creepy as hell. Plus if you look closely you’ll notice that he was played by Vernon Wells, the same guy that went toe to toe with Schwarzenegger in Commando. Ransik is a mutant criminal that has traveled back in time a thousand years to wreak havoc simply for the purpose of doing so in a time where law enforcement isn’t prepared for his type of bad and can’t really handle the army he brings with him. If you don’t think he’s that great however watch the clip and you’ll see. It’s not just any villain that can take on an entire squad of Rangers and put them down one by one.

2. Lord Zedd – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Since the White Ranger is by far one of the most powerful among the Rangers it says a lot that Zedd is able to pummel him so mercilessly, as though it’s a thing of ease. But given that he’s a bit of an egomaniac it’s not too hard to see how he gets defeated now and again by the Rangers. In some ways Zedd became kind of a goofy character as time went on, but when he was first introduced and was still in his prime he was one of the scariest and most vicious villains on the show. Plus, if you remember correctly a lot of parents were actually horrified by his original appearance and he had to be changed to accommodate their desires so that children wouldn’t be horrified. Yeah, they said that so that the parents would feel a little better. “It was for the kids”, okay, haha.

1. The Psycho Rangers – Power Rangers in Space


The Psycho Rangers were the antithesis to the Power Rangers since their main goal in life, their ONLY goal, was to destroy their good counterparts. The only problem is that just one of them was more than a match for the entire squad since they were far stronger than the Rangers and could somehow understand the powers of the Rangers, making them more efficient at what they were made to do. Plus, if anyone has ever watched the series involving these psychotic Rangers they would also know that the Pink Psycho Ranger is the only villain to ever kill off one of the main characters, as it took two full teams of Rangers to finally put the Psycho Rangers down.

There are probably a lot of other villains that people feel should have been on this list. Don’t be shy, let’s hear your picks.

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