Chaim Jeraffi: We Salute the Jiffy Park and Jiffy Dump Guy from Seinfeld

Everyone’s always got their favorites on Seinfeld.  Sometimes you’re in a Kramer mood.  Sometimes George feels right.  Elaine and Jerry even have their moments.  We’re all aware of the recurring side characters that made us laugh like Puddy, Peterman, The Costanzas, Newman, The Seinfelds, Kruger, Steinbrenner, Banya, The Ross’s, and plenty of others.  But there are some characters in Seinfeld that truly left their mark despite only being in one or two episodes max.  My personal favorite?  It’s the Jiffy Park and Jiffy Dump guy.

These parts are played by none other than Chaim Jeraffi.  Jeraffi actually has a film career dating back to 1984 when he was on Sesame Street.  The last time we saw Jeraffi in anything was in 2013 but he’ll forever be implanted in my brain because of Seinfeld.  There was just everything to love about his Jiffy characters.   He didn’t say much and didn’t have a huge role but the laid back sarcasm with which he acted was perfection on the show.

He was the only character that had complete domination over the main Seinfeld characters.  At Jiffy Park he played the attendant that simply didn’t care nor pretended to care that George’s car was being used for a prostitution ring.  And when Kramer confronted him at the Jiffy Dump to get rid of muffin stumps, he questioned Kramer and simply did not believe his muffin conundrum.  My favorite line ever?  “That’s what I’d like to know about it.”

In any event, we salute you Chaim Jeraffi for creating my favorite character in the history of Seinfeld.

Here are both Jiffy scenes:

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