Ranking The Five Strongest X-Men of All-Time

Ranking The Five Strongest X-Men of All-Time

By now thanks to the movies we know that some X-Men are created far more powerful than others. Sorry to say some of the favorites aren’t on here since their overall power set isn’t considered to be quite as forceful or as damaging as others, but when you’re talking about strongest and most powerful you want to talk about individuals that can do more damage than a set of claws and optic blasts can manage. While some of the X-Men are massively intimidating and can do some serious harm on their own their powers tend to be more personal and low-key than others and don’t have the capability of flying out of control if they don’t have a good handle on them. In this vein talking about those members of the infamous group that can wield power on a scale that’s simply devastating is usually going to include those that can’t always hold their own abilities in check.

With that being said, here are five of the most powerful X-Men of all time.

5. Iceman

Yeah, you might not think that he deserves to be this high but there is an explanation for it. While as a character Iceman is kind of lacking in many respects, his power is such that he’s one of the most dangerous as well as the most powerful. Not only was he one of the founding X-Men of the group, but he looked like a giant snow cone to start with. Yet for all that he’s dangerous simply because he can reduce thermal energy whenever and wherever he wants. He can even assume liquid or gaseous form and enter someone’s body to freeze everything he touches. Of course if he was to evil the rest of the team would be there to stop him in a heartbeat.

4. Jean Grey

This might seem a little low to be putting such a heavy hitter, but in all honesty Jean Grey all on her own, without the Phoenix, is still powerful but not quite as forceful as she could be. Plus she spent a good deal of time as a villain when possessed by the Phoenix so it’s kind of fair to say that such an entry doesn’t need to be on this list. But whether she has it or not Jean is still a powerful member of the group and, like Iceman, she’s a founding member as well. Her telepathy and telekinetic abilities are immensely powerful, though she does pale in comparison to Professor X when it comes to telepathy, unless she’s assumed the power the Phoenix. Then it’s not really certain what will stop her apart from her own conscience.

3. Magneto

You might think this is a cheat putting Magneto on this list since he was the first X-Men villain ever, but he’s also been a part of the group in the past as well. And on top of that, his power is simply amazing if he really cuts loose and doesn’t care who gets hurt or what he’s doing to his surroundings. His mastery over electromagnetism is so great that if he really wanted and could bring himself to focus he could shift the entire alignment of the planet using magnetic fields and likely rip the earth apart in the process. This would probably spell his end but it would still be a feat that many would never hope to survive.

2. Professor X

Logan was the perfect movie to show just how dangerous Professor X can be since in all the other movies it’s made obvious that he’s a powerful telepath, but in this movie it shows what he can do when he’s not even trying. An older Professor X that’s prone to seizures can cause entire city to suffer along with him as you can see and won’t have the faintest idea of what he’s doing. This is what happens when one of the world’s most powerful minds loses control and begins to convulse in ways that no one could possibly understand. In fact it’s hinted that this was what killed off the X-Men in Logan.

1. Nate Grey

Nate Grey is a product of Cyclops and Jean Grey but was apparently grown in a lab. He’s basically what Cable could have been if he hadn’t have been attacked by the virus that was slowly surely killing him and converting his flesh into metal. For the most part Nate Grey was never supposed to survive for that long, but somehow he managed to escape his handlers and after a while came to realize just how strong and capable he really was. In fact his list of powers is so long that when he learned the capacity he had and the utter and total destruction it could cause he converted himself into pure energy and was simply, gone.

It’s odd how the Avengers are called the earth’s mightiest heroes, and yet very few of them could hope to match up against the most powerful X-Men toe to toe.

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