10 Things You Didn’t Know about Rafi Gavron

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Rafi Gavron

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Rafi Gavron

In a way Rafi Gavron looks like the kind of guy that would be a fun-loving individual that might be a good friend to have and could very well be a decent person. Those that know about his arrest that was allegedly for domestic assault might even want to forgive him for the ‘mistake’ while forgetting that he’s just one in a long line that have made this kind of mistake or worse. But apart from all that he has been a successful and very loved actor throughout his career thus far and it’s fair to say that he’s touched a lot of people in a positive way with his performances. It is kind of hard to condemn a person that you enjoy watching, but at the same time it’s hard to say, with a straight face, that a person in his position shouldn’t be treated the same as anyone else that commits a crime. Being a great performer shouldn’t be a bulletproof vest when it comes to committing a crime after all, especially one that’s been such a hotly debated issue in this country and many others.

Here are a few things about Rafi you might not have known.

10. As of now he’s in his 30s.

It still feels odd to call someone in their 30s a young’un but at this point he’s still relatively young and has a lot of potential with his career since he has the years on his side to pick what he wants to do and where he wants to go. The only thing that tends to stop a person at this point is thinking that they’re not replaceable.

9. He has dual British and American citizenship.

For those that can afford this lifestyle and have done the work to make it happen then it might seem like a boon to be honest, but it also seems that it would incur costs that a lot of people wouldn’t want to think about when it comes to taxes. To each their own though.

8. Rafi was arrested for domestic assault back in February.

It sounds as though he tried to get money from his girlfriend at the time for drugs and when she wouldn’t give in he put his hands on her. Jenny Singer of Forward then reported that he took her car and was arrested twelve hours later, though of course there’s not enough of the story to really say whether or not he received a sentence that would be in line with what people thought it should be.

7. His overall ratings tend to go to extreme highs and lows.

According to Rotten Tomatoes his movies tend to be rated very high when it comes to critics and fans and very low, so he’s not exactly consistent when it comes to his acting but he’s not absolutely horrible either. Middle of the road isn’t a bad place to be.

6. He had his first movie role at the age of 17.

He’s been at this for a while so it’s kind of obvious that he knows what he’s doing when he comes on screen, but like a lot of actors his ratings could come from the fact that he’s been in some very well-received movies and some that weren’t given a whole lot of credit.

5. He does have a presence on social media but his number of followers are pretty low.

Speaking just for Instagram he has less than a thousand followers, but then he has no posts so it’s hard to say just what people are following him for other than the fact that he is a movie star and is of course in the public eye.

4. Rafi was rumored to be gay for a while.

This is something that has actually plagued a few actors throughout their career either because they don’t broadcast their love life or just don’t find the time. Rafi broke a lot of hearts though when it was seen that he has had a couple of girlfriends throughout his time in show business.

3. His net worth is said to be around $2 million.

Most if not all of this has come from his acting and as a result this means that he’s actually pretty successful and has made a pretty big reputation for himself.

2. He’s been nominated for a couple of awards.

It’s enough to say that he’s been noticed and that he is trying to keep his career on the rise as he continues to push his reputation and name. He’s still pretty young, there might be more to come.

1. So far he seems to have kept a lot about his relationships on the down low.

A lot of people seem to be doing this with their relationships and have done so in the last several years. You can’t blame them really since otherwise the paparazzi and anyone with an opinion tends to say about anything they can get away with.

Like him or not he’s been pretty popular in recent years.

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