Questions from Karate Kid III: What’s up with the Timeline?

Questions from Karate Kid III:  What’s up with the Timeline?

In our third installment of “Questions from Karate Kid III” we examine a giant gaping hole in the timeline.  The night that Daniel goes dancing with his non-girlfriend that he wishes he was with his girlfriend, something makes very little sense with regard to something happening in what has to be the middle of the night.

This one is tricky. The night that Daniel invites Jessica to the club, the timeline gets out of whack. That band came on, at the earliest, 9pm. Daniel punched out that dude probably 10pm at the earliest. Then he goes to see Jessica and apologize and get his platonic kiss. THEN he goes to apologize to Mr Miyagi…AND THEN he decides to go visit Terry Silver at his gym to tell him he no longer wants to be trained. Upon his arrival at the gym, he finds Terry, Mike and John all waiting for him in full karate gear.

Stop the beat a minute. Conservatively, it’s 1am when Danny shows up to talk to Terry. Ralph, how on earth did you know he would be awake and at his place of business? And how on earth did Terry know that you would be showing up and tell John and Mike to stay up late and wait for your arrival?



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