Pushing Daisies Season 1 Episode 5 Review: “Girth”

Pushing Daisies

“Hey money, it’s me, Emerson. I’m good, I’m good. Yeah, thanks for asking. Say, can I still pay my bills and buy stuff with you, even though you was Olive’s money first?”

Pushing Daisies has been consistently great since the very beginning, and this consistency continues with the show’s fifth episode, “Girth.”

The writing on Pushing Daisies continues to be outstanding, and the rhyming narration that we get at the beginning of the episode is one of the best sequences that we’ve gotten so far. While being well-written and fun, it also serves to show the progression of the relationship between young Ned and his father. The glimpses that we’ve gotten at their father-son connection have been very brief at this point, but it serves to add more layers to Ned’s backstory.

The case in this episode deals with someone that Olive knows personally, and it ends up giving us a lot of backstory on the fan-favorite character while also allowing for a more personal touch on the procedural element of the show. The body itself is exceptionally designed. I don’t think I’ve talked about makeup specifically yet with this show, but whoever designed the dead bodies on Pushing Daisies did a really remarkable job. The show’s visual design is one of its best aspects, and the deaths add so much to this (similarly to Bryan Fuller’s current show, Hannibal).

I talk a lot about relationships with this show, and “Girth” gives us the best look yet at the relationship between Olive and Emerson. Because of the connection that Olive has to the victim, she works closely with Emerson to get everything solved. We’ve gotten a really good friendship beginning to form between Olive and Chuck’s aunts, and it’s obvious through her interaction with Emerson that we’re in for another treat between these two. One thing that Pushing Daisies does better than a lot of shows is that it doesn’t create pairings in the beginning and simply continue them through the end while having characters feel separate from others on the show. In this series, bonds form between every single main character, and we get looks at every possible pairing. this really plays to the show’s advantage as it allows for character development in plenty of unexpected ways. One of my favorite things to happen so far is Chuck, Emerson, and Olive working together toward the end of the episode to solve the murder. Not much really happens between them during this sequence, but it’s a grouping of characters that most shows wouldn’t partner up without the presence of their presumed connective tissue (Ned, in the case of Pushing Daisies).

The most remarkable thing about Pushing Daisies, in my opinion, is that every single element seems to work. Whether it’s the relationships, the character development, the cases-of-the-week, the drama, the comedy, the writing, or any other aspect of the show, no weak link is present in Pushing Daisies‘ DNA. Even years after its cancellation, Pushing Daisies manages to stand out in the modern television landscape.

How are you enjoying Pushing Daisies so far? Do you have a favorite character yet? Let us know down below!

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