Psychedelic Time-Lapse Video: M&Ms Slowly Dissolving in Water

Psychedelic Time-Lapse Video: M&Ms Slowly Dissolving in Water

Psychedelic Time-Lapse Video: M&Ms Slowly Dissolving in Water

It is a little trippy, isn’t it? This isn’t a video I would recommend watching if you’re on a serious acid trip since it could be a little freaky to a mind that’s bugging out at the moment. But for something to watch when a person just needs a moment of silent contemplation and something to focus on that’s not entirely sensible but isn’t so chaotic as to be disturbing, it feels as though this could work. Plus, realizing what’s happening when one immerses an M&M in water is kind of interesting since most people might assume that it’s going to melt at some point given the volume of water it’s placed in. Even when wet, the candies aren’t immune to saturation since that thin candy shell can only absorb so much before it has to simply give way. But seeing it disperse as it does in this video is kind of interesting since it implies that the degradation of the candy shell is a little more forceful than some people might think, even though the naked eye won’t see much more than the shell dissolving over time, and only if a person continues to watch since it’s not a sudden process that will see the candy dissolve that quickly and then fall apart.

As the timelapse indicates this takes a while as the water has to saturate and then overcome the integrity of the candy shell. There’s a scientific set of terms for this and an explanation but since I’m not a scientist I’ll just state that the water does eventually wear away at the sugar and eventually the shell will give way or dissolve entirely. It’s kind of interesting to think that there are tiny imperfections in the shell that might make parts of it a little harder to wear away with water. Eventually it all does simply wear off since once the integrity of the shell is gone there’s nothing else to do but wait and see how long it takes for the rest of it to be dispersed. The dissolution of the candy shell has to do with the positive and negative charges in the water pulling on the negative and positive charges in the candy, and that’s as scientific as I’m getting. The effect is pretty cool since one has to wonder that since many would state that there are patterns in nature and that everything is ruled by mathematical equations that there’s some purpose to the manner in which the candy dissolves. It might sound ridiculous to some, but it does feel as though it would behoove someone to create an experiment that might test this theory, that the manner in which the sugary coating is placed on the candy will determine how it will spread and whether or not it will simply disperse in all directions or if it can be directed to disperse in a certain way.

This would no doubt require the container of liquid to be controlled as well, as well as the volume and perhaps even the liquid itself. There are a lot of different ways to take this experiment, but one has to wonder why anyone would since this kind of interest isn’t exactly cutting edge news or anything that people would really consider to be helpful to anyone. If anything, this exercise would be a new art form at best, since it could be something that might allow for self-expression if such a thing was found to be possible. Just thinking about it is kind of difficult since it’s likely that such a thing would be almost impossible for many people, but those that know how this process works and could figure out how to manipulate it might be up for the challenge. As I mentioned it might be seen as kind of a useless endeavor, but it would still be something that people might want to look at and figure out if it’s possible, especially since after watching this it’s easy to think that it could be put on a loop and used as a relaxation device or perhaps even as a school aid for a chemistry class or something similar. There are at least a couple of applications that might be possible with this idea, but it would take some convincing no doubt.

It’s fair to say that some of us might have dunked our candy in a glass of water or something else over the years just to see what happened. Some candy would dissolve almost immediately since the coating on various candies aren’t quite as strong as the candy shells on M&M’s, but sometimes the effect is still interesting enough to see what happens in various liquids. Of course, the one thing that people want to refrain from playing with unless they know what they’re doing are Mentos and soda pop. Yeah, that gets a little messy.

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