Pretty Little Liars Season Finale: It’s Far From Over…

Pretty Little Liars Season Finale: It’s Far From Over…

Pretty Little Liars Season Finale: It’s Far From Over…Well, talk about some drama for your mama…

The season finale for Pretty Little Liars went for the throat during the last 15-20 minutes and took us for a ride that will surely have lips flapping until it returns in June. The build up to those last suspenseful moments was not what one would expect from a season finale, but the end most definitely justified the means to the point that I can forgive them for some of the “WTF?!?” moments I counted throughout the night. But first, let’s see what worked.

Ian: Guilty, Guilty, GUILTY!!! (Or Is He?)

So it seems that Ian killed Alison over the videos he shot of the Liars, Jenna, and Toby, which gave him pure motive for trying to kill Spencer in the bell tower. As anyone who has read my reviews know, I’ve pegged Ian shady from gate, but there is something about the reveal that is nagging me to no end. Sure Ian is as guilty as Michael Myers at a murder trial, but could he be not guilty when it comes to Alison’s death?

Spencer mentioned that Alison was suffocated, which contradicted Ian’s confession Alison cracking her skull from him pushing her. The popular theory among my friends and fellow TVO colleagues is that Melissa might’ve been the culprit, but while that is not my most popular solution, it’s the only one making sense at the moment. However, why would Melissa kill Alison over a guy who she ended up breaking it off with? I could see if Ian remained in the picture after Melissa found out about the tryst between him and Alie, but instead she later became engaged to Wren, which would make her alleged dirty deed pointless down the line.

Also, there is the whole issue over whether or not Ian is even dead, due to his body miraculously disappearing after the girls called the cops. I personally belong to the camp that Ian is not dead, because his body was tangled in the ropes that looked like a makeshift harness of sorts. If Ian is in fact dead, then I wonder how in the hell did A remove the body from the crime scene and, most importantly, why? Plus, it seemed as if Ian knew who A was before he was pushed over the railing right? Who could it have been? Let the speculation begin…

As for the other things that went down in the episode, there were a lot of things thrown in during the last hour that either should’ve been introduced earlier in the season or held over until the next. For instance, the Officer Garret and Jenna reveal should’ve had a “OMG!!!” factor, but it fell flat after it was introduced in terms of relevance to the plot. If anything, it made the mystery murkier than it was before, because it begs the question of whether or not Garrett and Ian knew about the other’s transgressions and their involvements with Jenna. The reveal could have been held over to next season where it could grow on its own accord.

Elsewhere, Ezra’s past (fiancee) came knocking on Aria’s door and all hell broke loose. My deal with that whole fiasco was Aria’s inability to hold or retain emotions when it comes to Ezra, which was evidenced when Aria opened the door to see the ex standing there. Instead of saving face, she threw a tantrum, which ended in Aria breaking it off with Ezra. However, I’m banking the relationship is far from over.

While Emily’s folks were trying to move to Texas, she was trying her best to stay behind. She’s a regular character so there wasn’t too much drama there. As for Hanna, the poor girl was lied to by that wench Mona about the note and missed phone call from Caleb, further making it hard for Hanna to properly get over her issues with the guy. What is her social trauma?

Lucas popping back in was good… and bad. His return was like an afterthought from the writers, but said afterthought had a lot toPretty Little Liars Season Finale: It’s Far From Over… do in the episode, so it wasn’t that bad. Just a bit off.

Some dangling mysteries/storylines to ponder until summer include the now missing video jump drive, the return of Caleb, the significance of Officer Garret and Jenna, and the whereabouts of Ian’s body. The missing jump could be in anyone’s hands by now, but the on hand I’m praying that it’s not is Ian’s, because he would have indeed gotten away with murder. Second, there is the return of Caleb, which I’m pretty sure fans will be dying to see. I want to see the catfight between Hanna and Mona that will surely go down afterwards. As for the pairing of Jenna and Officer Garrett and Ian’s body disappearing, my biggest fear is that we won’t get too much of an answer for the latter. If we do, it won’t be immediate and it will probably drag on till the midseason finale next year.

Now that the first leg of the crazy roller coaster that is Pretty Little Liars is over with, doesn’t it feel refreshing to breathe again? Well, don’t get too used to it. The Liars return June 14th with more secrets to be revealed for our viewing pleasure. Until then, check out some photos from our PLL retrospective and keep your phones by your side. You never know when A will send you a clue.

Until then folks, have a nice break!

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