Predator Plot Details Revealed by Thomas Jane

Predator Plot Details Revealed by Thomas Jane

The Predator is an upcoming movie that is expected to be released in August of 2018. Given its name, it should come as no surprise to learn that it is the next installment in the Predator franchise. However, it is interesting to note that its plot is supposed to be set between the plots of Predator 2 and Predators, which is something that might interest those who pay close attention to the continuity of the franchise.

Why Did Some People Find The Predator to Be Strange?

With that said, it is even more interesting to note that a significant number of people responded with surprise to The Predator because of a peculiar detail that was revealed in the information released to the public. Said detail is that the upcoming movie is supposed to be set in suburbia of all places, which is rather strange when the titular aliens are supposed to be interested in hunting the most dangerous humans that can be found. As a result, there were a lot of people making a lot of jokes about the Predator in the upcoming movie being their equivalent of the people who shoot lions in cages as well as the people who hunt wolves from helicopters.

What Did Thomas Jane Reveal about The Predator?

However, some of the information that has been released helps interested individuals make more sense of the setup. For example, the lead of the upcoming movie will be a character named Quinn McKenna, who is supposed to be an ex-Special Forces commando who uncovered the existence of Predators but has been met with a refusal from others to believe in his claims. Furthermore, we know that the supporting characters include McKenna’s son and ex-wife as well as other ex-soldiers, which provide further insight into the setup for the upcoming movie. As a result, while it is still funny to make jokes about the titular alien in The Predator, it seems that it will be going up against people capable of fighting back in an effective manner after all.

Furthermore, it is interesting to note that a recent comment from Thomas Jane has revealed even more about the setup for The Predator. For those who are curious, Jane is one of the actors playing one of the ex-soldiers who will be teaming up with Quinn McKenna to fight the Predator, meaning that what he revealed has particular relevance for that part of the narrative. To paraphrase what he said, it seems that the ex-soldiers are people with PTSD who have been arrested as a group because of an outburst from one of their members. For nebulous reasons, they are going to get executed along with someone muttering about aliens, which naturally convinces them to take over the bus instead. From that point on, the ex-soldiers decide to help the one muttering about aliens to take on the Predator, thus leading into the story of the upcoming movie.

Presumably, the one muttering about aliens is Quinn McKenna. However, what is interesting is that the setup supports claims that the government knows about the existence of Predators at the time that The Predator is set. Furthermore, the government seems to have a rather strong interest in keeping said information hidden, so much so that it is willing to go to cartoonish lengths to keep it under wraps. Regardless, The Predator is set to be released in August of 2018, meaning that there is bound to be a lot of information that will be released as said date approaches.

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