How to Make Harry Potter Pastries and Butterbeer at Home

How to Make Harry Potter Pastries and Butterbeer at Home

Have you ever wanted to make Butterbeer and pastries from the Harry Potter series? Here’s your chance. Pumpkin pasties, treacle tart, and butterbeer sound like the perfect additions to any holiday feast and with the holidays coming up this should be a good idea to at least try. As the cook in the clip seems to think all three of the dishes mentioned are absolutely delicious and easy enough to make so long as you follow the directions. With these kind of dishes it seems better to stick to the recipe until you’ve got it down enough that you can simply add ingredients without really thinking about it.

Let’s start with one of the favorite’s of Cho from the Harry Potter movies, the pumpkin pasties.

For this delicacy you can used pumpkin puree or fresh pumpkin, but honestly fresh pumpkin seems like it might be preferred. Looking at the inside of a pumpkin though a lot of people might think that you’d be nuts to try and eat this stuff on the inside. Well, barring any real craziness you’d need to scoop out the guts as usual until the interior is clean, then halve the pumpkin before baking it. You might need to scoop out the insides but hopefully the skin will  bake right off the interior and you can then just plunk into a food processor along with an array of sweet spices, heavy cream, an egg, brown sugar, and even a pinch of salt just to balance it out.

From there you want to put the mixture aside and then work on the crust, which you’ll want to make as flaky as possible to give it the kind of texture you desire. After that it’s a matter of cutting out rounds, filling them with the pumpkin mixture, and then folding them in half kind of like a dumpling. Once cooked these treats are absolutely delightful to sink your teeth into.

Then comes the treacle tart. Getting the crust right is important on this one as you need to press the dough into each crevice of the pan so as to maintain the integrity of the tart when it cooks. Then grab some syrup, butter, heavy cream, one egg, and bread crumbs. After that let it cool, throw together a whip cream and enjoy.

The last sweet on the list is, of course, butterbeer. Now this is just slightly alcoholic since it does have schnapps in it, but that can be left out or added as desired. All you need to add is one egg white, simple syrup, vanilla paste, and the schnapps. After shaking this over ice you’ll want to add a generous helping to about half a glass or so of cream soda for a pleasing drink that you won’t need to pay a huge amount of money for at an amusement park.

If you go to see the Harry Potter experience at Universal Studios enjoy yourself, but if you want the culinary experience of the series then tune into Babish, he’ll give you everything you need to know.

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