Power Book IV Force Season 1 Episode 4: “Storm Clouds” Recap

Power Book IV Force Season 1 Episode 4: “Storm Clouds” Recap

In Power Book IV: Force Season 1,  Episode 3 Tommy decided to join forces with Liliana instead of killing her. Liliana worked her magic with the coke and Tommy concocted a plan to sell their product to the Irish and CBI. However, it all blew up in his face when Walter Flynn ruined the deal pushing Diamond away. In Power Book IV: Force Season 1, Episode 4 Tommy gets another blast from his past in New York, the Serbs.  It turns out that the coke Liliana stole belonged to the Serbians and as predicted their back to get what belongs to them. Original Power fans know that the Serbians pose a significant threat to Tommy. As you may recall in the original Power series the Serbians found out that Ghost and Tommy stole their product in order to become their supplier. The Serbs eventually found and it’s been bad blood ever since. Unfortunately, the Serbians aren’t the only problem. The tension growing between Jenard and Diamond will eventually interfere with Tommy’s operation. Ever since Diamond got out of prison, reclaiming his position as CBI’s leader, Jenard has had a big chip on his shoulder. Jenard ran CBI for fifteen years while his brother was locked up. Jenard gave up going up to college and a promising career in professional sports to keep the organization together that his brother started. In the opening episode, at the barbershop Jenard explains to his right-hand man Elijah that he’s determined to get his brother out of the way even if it means using force.

In the barbershop scene, we officially meet J-Mac, Tommy’s brother JP’s son.  J-Mac doesn’t have a relationship with his father which likely led to him turning to the street. J-Mac promises to gather some more soldiers for Jenard. Tommy meets up with Diamond at a cozy diner for breakfast and to discuss business. Surprisingly Vince shows up to apologize to Diamond about his father’s behavior at the last meet-up and admits that Walter’s accusations at the last meet-up were baseless. Vic makes a deal to work Diamond and Tommy behind his father’s back. The trio head to go meet with the Yardies to discuss doing business with them. When they make it into their territory, Diamond receives a call from Elijah admonishing him to get out of the area because somebody called in an anonymous tip and the police were closing in on the Yardies. Diamond, Tonny, and Vince escape just in time. Back at their cars, Vince invites Tommy to have a drink at Gloria’s bar. Tommy doesn’t fall for his games. Vic admits that he knows about Tommy and Gloria making it clear that the two are simply on a “break”. The two agree to put the money-making opportunity they have before them first and figure out the rest later. Unbeknownst to them, Gloria watches their exchange from her bar window.

Vic isn’t the only one making big decisions behind Walter’s back. Claudia is making some headway with her business of selling a new designer drug. Claudia and Mia secure the future of their new business by basically making sure that the chemist knows they own her. They falsified documents that frame her for the drug ring in the event that she decides that she no longer wants to continue making the drug. The Serbians break into Liliana’s house and torture her for the location of their drugs. Liliana’s a tough cookie and she refuses to give up her accomplice until they almost burn her eye out. They give her a phone and she sends Tommy a message that they want their drugs. Tommy agrees to meet them with their drugs. At the meetup, Liliana distracts the two Serbian guys just in time for Tommy to blast them through the window. Tommy and Liliana end up saving each other’s lives in this scene. Tommy takes Liliana to the barbershop where she’ll be safe while he figures out a plan to defeat the Serbians. At the barbershop, Jenard and Liliana are a little flirtatious and it’s clear that they know each other. Jenard offers Liliana a considerable amount of money to kill Tommy. But she refuses to do it, proving her loyalty to her.

Diamond wants nothing to do with helping Tommy with Serbians. He believes it is a suicide mission for his people. But in the end, Vince steps up to the plate.  Determined to protect Liliani at all costs, Tommy takes down the Serbians and their leader in the most epic way with Vince as his wingman.

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