Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 1 Episode 8 – Noteworthy Events

Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 1 Episode 8 – Noteworthy Events

After a slow yet steady build-up, everything comes to a head in Episode 8. Both Kanan and Jukebox are forced to come face to face with some hard truths. While in the midst of a brutal war with Unique and his crew, tragedy knocks on the front door of the Stark family. If you didn’t get a chance to see this episode. Here are a few noteworthy events:

 1. Jukebox finds out Nicole died from an overdose

Jukebox is still grieving the loss of Nicole, her first real love, and even though she knows that she’s not really welcomed, she shows up to her funeral with Kanan as her support system. Nicole’s parents waste no time in kicking her and Kanan out of the funeral. In this episode, Jukebox finds out that Nicole died after overdosing on the bad cocaine that she took out of Jukebox’s backpack in the previous episode. However, Nicole’s parents lied about her true cause of death because they didn’t want enough to find out she overdosed. When Jukebox breaks into Nicole’s room she finds the empty coke vial and her mother tells her that Nicole died from the coke she got from her side of town.

2. Raq finds out Kanan is behind the bad coke spreading around town

Detective Howard finds out that Kanan is behind the bad coke that’s causing bodies to drop like flies around town. He bribes a local junkie, who lets him know it was a Queensbridge dealer (just as Marvin and Kanan planned) but the dealer ends up snitching and name drops Kanan. Detective Howard lets Raq know exactly what Kanan has been up to. He promises to keep Kanan safe if Raq tells Kanan that he is his father. Many people believe that Detective Howard only wants to get to know Kanan because he may be a possible bone marrow match since they are related.

3. Raq tells Kanan that she killed D-Wiz

Now that Raq knows Kanan is behind the bad coke she is livid and all hell breaks loose. She storms into the house calls Kanan downstairs and slaps him right in the face. She’s done protecting him from the harsh realities of the game since he’s so ready to dive head in. She tells him that she’s the one that had D-Wiz killed because the streets needed a body and that it was him or D-Wiz. She also tells Kanan that his uncle Marvin was once a drug addict. He had got strung out on the product and started moving recklessly, which got him caught him and he ended up in jail. She wants Kanan to know that he’s trusting a screwup and that doing business with him puts him in a vulnerable position. This revelation is too much for Kanan to handle, but Raq has to stop protecting him from the consequences of his actions.

4. Raq officially cuts Marvin off

Raq has always been about her family, but this time Marvin has gone too far.  She lets him know that he’s no longer part of the business and that she never wants to see his face again. Marvin is hurt, he begs Raq for another chance but she’s not ready to offer him even the tiniest bit of forgiveness.

5. Raq kills Juliana’s husband

We finally get to see Raq get her hands dirty. She concocts a plan with Julia to kill her abusive husband and it works. Juliana spills his breakfast in his lap and he chases her out to the shed where Raq is waiting. Raq shoots him right in the head and she tells Julia to call the police and tell them that he was killed by an intruder.  The abusive bodega owner had to go. Now that Raq plans on going into business with Julia’s cousin she knew that he would be a problem.

6. Lou Lou becomes an official owner of the record label

Lou Lou is making big moves. He strongarms his way into taking ownership of fifty percent of the label by forcing Crown Camacho to sign the paperwork. Lou Lou’s fronted loans were supposedly investments into the company and use this as muscle to secure his spot which is only fair. His girlfriend is the real go-getter. She’s not happy with Lou Lou owning half, she feels as if he should’ve gone for majority ownership. This causes a fight between the two and she leaves his house mad at him.

7. Lou Lou house is attacked

Unique and his crew are out for blood and they are coming hard. They shoot up Lou Lou’s house and torch it. Marvin happens to come driving down the street and sees it happening. He starts shutting back at Unique’s crew who ends up speeding off. Marvin goes into the burning house to save his body. The episode closes with Marvin holding his brother’s limp body and screaming for help.

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