Power Book II: Ghost – Will Davis Maclean Meet The Same Fate of Protcor?

Power Book II: Ghost – Will Davis Maclean Meet The Same Fate of Protcor?

Power Book II: Ghost – Will Davis Maclean Meet The Same Fate of Protcor?

We all know what happens to the attorneys that defend their drug dealing clients in the Power universe. They become so entrenched in their clients, schemes that they meet their unfortunate demise. Joe Proctor is a testament to that. Fans were heartbroken to see Tommy Eagen gun down Joe Proctor after Proctor got wrapped up in their mess and had to choose a side. Sadly, he chose the wrong side. Fans of the Power Book II Ghost wonder if Davis Maclean will meet the same fate.

First off, who is Davis Maclean?

Davis is a big-time defense attorney in New York, known for his unethical approach in defending his clients.  Davis was brought into the picture by Tariq to defend Tasha in Season 1 of Power Book II: Ghost. Tariq was referred to Davis because he doesn’t require that his clients be truthful to win the case.  Davis showed that he’s willing to do anything to win his cases when he betrayed Tariq, threw him in the hot seat in order to get Tasha off.

Is Davis Maclean The New Joe Proctor?

Joe Proctor was a wealthy defense attorney that worked with Ghost and Tommy for years. Proctor provided Ghost with inside intel to keep him out of trouble. As one of Ghost’s closest confidant’s Proctor provided Ghost with sound legal advice. Joe’s family was connected to the mob which is probably why he never had a problem breaking the law. Joe Proctor ended paying for his unethical practices when he was law license was revoked in Season 5. Tommy killed Joe Proctor after Joe snitched on him instead of Ghost. There are several similarities between Joe Proctor and Davis Maclean. The most obvious is that they are both defense attorneys that don’t mind straddling the line between the law and the streets. Unlike, Proctor Maclean does seem to know his limits. He has yet to really get his hands dirty and do anything illegal. However, the cocky and ambitious attorney is willing to play dirty even if it means talking Saxe, his new partner in crime into going through the State Prosecutor’s he’s screwing bag to access the files she has on cases their working on.

Maclean has a don’t ask don’t tell policy. When Tariq walks into his office asking that he help clear Zeke’s name after he becomes a prime suspect in Professor Reynold’s murder investigation and Detective Ramirez’s disappearance. Tariq gives Davis some inside information that no one should know which strongly indicates that Tariq knows more than he’s telling.  Maclean reminds Saxe not to ask questions that their job is to simply provide a good defense. Additionally, like Joe Proctor, Maclean was exposed to the criminal underworld at a young age. As we’ll see in the coming episodes,  Maclean used to run the streets when he was younger, but he eventually cleaned up his life and became an attorney. Davis Maclean is heavily motivated by money and is willing to take on any case to fund his expensive lifestyle. On the previous episode he was looking into purchase a Lamborghini. Although Proctor wasn’t offering his services for free his relationship with Ghost wasn’t based on money and greed. Coming from a family that had ties with the mob, Joe Proctor was used to the lifestyle and likely became a lawyer to be a asset to his family.

Joe Proctor Isn’t The Only Attorney Murdered On The Power Universe

The legal profession is dangerous in the Power Universe. Terry Silver, Ghosts’ one-time lawyer and the man Tasha fell in love with was murdered in a parking garage by Ghost. Let’s not forget that Tommy shot the federal prosecutor and Ghost’s one true love Angela Veldez in cold blood. Another federal prosecutor that worked with Angela was stabbed to death during intake in prison.

Davis Downfall Might Be Linked To His Brother

Davis has a brother named  Theo Rollins that’s serving a life sentence. It turns out that Davis represented his brother in the past and it obviously didn’t turn well. Theo has secrets that threaten to tear Davis’s life apart and he’s determined to exact revenge right from his cell. We don’t know exactly what went on with Davis and Theo but we do know that it’s somehow related to how Maclean runs his practice. When he was Tasha’s lawyer, he told her that he never recommend his clients to tell the truth. Davis’s role on the show is pivotal. We predict that he’s going to be a part of a lot that transpires this season. I don’t know

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