Piper’s Pit: That Time It Was Super Racist with Junkyard Dog

As a child if I had to pick a top five WWE wrestlers, Junkyard Dog would easily be on that list.   First of all the guy called himself a dog.  Second of all the song he came out to was “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen.   Lastly, the dude came out with a chain around his neck.  Honestly it just doesn’t get better than that.   Plus he just had this electric personality and seemed like such a nice dude.  I can’t explain it.  I just know that I loved the Junkyard Dog.

Which is what makes this episode of Piper’s Pit a little painful.  In 1985 the term politically correct did even really exist so things that were way beyond the line were commonplace.  If you watch episodes of Piper’s Pit it’s pretty much worse than Infowars with Alex Jones.  Seriously.  Roddy Piper went to town on people’s races, backgrounds, everything.  It was insane.  Perhaps no more insane was the time he busted Jimmy Snuka’s head with a pineapple.

But if I had to judge a clip that was second to that one, it would be this one.  Back in 1985 the Junkyard dog was a guest on Piper’s pit and boy was this funny.  Funny at the time if you had no qualms about the ridiculousness of this show.  Put it this way, guys like Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle would laugh at this.  However, many people would not.

You be the judge.

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