Pierce Brosnan Is Playing Dr. Fate and We’re All For It

We’ve seen Pierce Brosnan in quite a few different roles, including that of the iconic James Bond, but he’s going to be stepping into his first superhero role in the coming Black Adam movie opposite of Dwayne Johnson, who will be playing the titular character. Whether Black Adam will be an antihero or villain in his own movie isn’t really clear at this time, but the fact is that Dr. Fate has been a hero for his run in the DC comics, so Brosnan gets to step into the role of the good guy this time, but there is one question that needs to be asked since it kind of goes towards the story. A lot of us already know that Black Adam is an ancient being that was imprisoned after misusing the powers of the wizard Shazam, and is rightly upset once he returns. Dr. Fate on the other hand was fairly young when he started off his superhero career, which begs the question of whether the hero’s story is going to be retconned or if the story will be told as though Fate has been around for a while and is bound to tangle with Black Adam after an inciting incident that brings them together. A lot of people are probably thinking that Black Adam will be kind of a complicated character, and they might be right, but if Dr. Fate is there then it’s likely that Black Adam will be a little more villainous if not just flat out bad. It would be interesting to see Johnson as a villain again since it’s been a while. 

Does anyone remember the last time that Johnson played the villain in a movie? The funny thing is that he doesn’t really start out as a villain in a few movies, but he ends up being the bad guy by the end in Get Smart, The Mummy Returns, and Doom. Some might state that the horrible CGI creature that The Mummy Returns churned out shouldn’t count and normally I would agree since it wasn’t really him, but in Doom, he definitely turned bad since he became the main antagonist within the last fight as he turned into one of the monstrous creatures that Karl Urban, aka Reaper, had to fight off. But a lot of times Johnson has been cast as a hero, even if he’s not the nice guy in the movie. If he does go full-villain this time around it will be one of the few roles he’ll have accepted that sees him as the main antagonist. Brosnan, for the most part, has been the villain and the hero throughout his career, and he’s been able to perform both functions quite well since he can be the smooth and charming individual that people enjoy and can’t help but want to work with or the condescending and tyrannical villain that’s not always that strong but has a great deal of influence and power he can wield. A good example of this would be The Foreigner in which he starred with Jackie Chan. As a former member of the IRA, Brosnan’s character was at continual odds with Chan’s character after Chan’s on-screen daughter was killed by a planned explosion that caused massive collateral damage. 

Seeing Brosnan and Johnson together in the same movie is going to be different to be realistic since both men have very different acting styles and despite his time as James Bond, Brosnan still has never been the physical type, which makes it even better to see that he’s taking on the character of Dr. Fate since it creates a distance between himself and Black Adam that makes a lot more sense. Many magic-users in the comics are not brawlers since they rely on their intellect and magical prowess to get by, utilizing one spell or another to protect themselves and others and to go on the offensive when they feel the need. Some folks might want to say that characters such as Black Adam would stomp a character such as Dr. Fate into the ground without pause, but much like Dr. Strange in the MCU, Dr. Fate is able to wield the magic at his command in ways that a lot of people don’t fully understand, and it’s been reasoned that Dr. Fate could even take out Superman if he had the inclination. Of course, people would laugh and say that this is impossible since Superman is the gold standard of heroes and can do pretty much anything, but one has to remember that his major weakness is magic, which Dr. Fate operates with and can wield in numerous ways. This is also why having Dr. Fate in this movie is perfect since magical attacks are one of Black Adam’s main weaknesses. In this way, the movie is showing that it has a way to balance itself out, but it should hopefully be a good fight if it comes down to it. 

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