Peter Capaldi Hints at Post Doctor Who Ventures

Peter Capaldi isn’t about to be idle now that his days as Doctor Who are over, and he’s already got an idea for what’s going to come next. We don’t know exactly what he’ll be doing but given his enthusiasm and decidedly foul mouth in at least one of his roles it’s going to be something uniquely interesting. Capaldi has actually stated that he hasn’t uttered a single curse word since becoming the famed Dr. Who, and is actually looking forward to being able to let loose once again.

Profanity in TV and films definitely has it’s time and place, and it’s become more of an issue in the past decade or so than ever before. Certain networks can get away with more while prime time and family channels have to watch very carefully what kind of language and subject material they use. The former Doctor will be anxious to return to a project where he will be allowed to simply let it fly when the mood strikes and not worry too much about censors and angry parents that want him to watch his tongue.

This issue has been rather prevalent though since parents have been allowing their children and teens to watch more and more television that used to be considered too advanced for most kids. With each passing generation though it bears noticing that TV has become far more lenient in what it will allow as far as language and subject material, and no matter if parents block or manage to monitor their children’s viewing habits kids will always find some way around those rules. The most extreme solution is of course to not own a TV at all, but in the world as it is today there aren’t as many homes without a TV as there are those with them.

Honestly it seems more likely that a parent should monitor rather than punish their child for the shows they watch. It is also helpful to explain to children that what they are seeing on TV is fantasy and not reality. Then it should be easier to go into why the way people act on TV and what they say is not realistic no matter if they are placed in a realistic setting. Capaldi is not an advocate for simply swearing at people throughout an entire episode but he definitely prefers to not have his choice of words clipped as he’s had to do in Doctor Who.

His decision to cut loose when he is finished playing the good Doctor is just that, his decision. How much he’ll be allowed to get away with depends entirely upon the show and how it will be viewed by censors that dictate what can pass and what can’t. If he’s going to be working on a more adult-oriented project then the chances are that he’ll be given a much greater measure of control over what comes out of his mouth. Until then we’ll just sit back and wait to see what it is he’ll be doing and when it will come out.


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