Pearl Jam Takes Stand Against Lawmakers Who Refuse To Pass Gun Control Legislation

Pearl Jam is just another group that seems primed to take a stand against lawmakers in a bid to increase gun control legislation. Let’s put it out there before it gets buried, this isn’t about taking guns AWAY, it’s about coming up with better restrictions on who can buy what kind of guns. The idea that a 19-year old kid could buy an AR-15 rifle is more than a little bit absurd, especially since if he’d been buying a handgun he’d have been out of luck since you need to be 21. How in the world does that make any sense?

Pearl Jam though is throwing their weight behind the Throw Them Out campaign that wants to see all those in charge of creating and enforcing the gun laws in this country removed from office after stating that ‘this isn’t the time to talk about it’ after every tragedy that’s hit. So when is it okay to talk about it? Is it okay after the NRA has funneled enough funds to those in office to make sure that the regulations are to their liking? Will it be okay when kids have to add tactical gear to their school supply list? Just when is it okay to speak up about it? Or maybe they’re waiting for their checks from the NRA to clear before they decide whether it’s okay or not. In any case people are getting tired of it, and for good reason. It’s beyond time for a change.

The prayers and well wishes are great and definitely appreciated, but they’re not enough. Offering a word of condolence isn’t much to a grieving parent that stands over the grave of their teenage son or daughter, wondering why this happened. It’s not enough, not even close. There isn’t a need to get rid of the guns, there’s a fierce need to find a way that they never reach the hands of those that would apparently use them in this manner. There’s a need to remove politicians that deem it to be okay that things are falling apart at the seams so long as they’re getting their payments from the NRA, and there’s a need to drain that particular swamp that only seems to be getting deeper by the month no matter what’s been said.

There’s also a need for great mental health regulations that can also be blamed for this kind of tragedy. Guns all on their own aren’t the problem, it’s the intentions and the actions of those that are vocal and very blatant about what they will do with them once they have them. It’s the fact that obtaining a weapon that could kill mass amounts of people is so easy. There are so many issues within this current crisis that to label them all would take days and perhaps even weeks. But the people that need to be shouldering the burden of this and finally coming up with ways to change the dangerous landscape we’re rocketing towards still don’t feel that it’s the time to talk about it. Eventually they’ll hear people knocking down the doors to their ivory palaces to let them know that it’s well past time.

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