Pearl Jam Gearing up For Big Tour and Announces New Album

Just when you thought Pearl Jam might be going the way of Tool and introducing us to a long and frustrating silence they remind us just why they’re one of the greatest bands ever and are now coming out with a new album as they gear up for their next big tour. It might have been easy for some to lose faith as they might not have been the kind of hardcore, diehard fans of Pearl Jam tha others are. But with a little faith and a lot of fandom it’s been fairly easy to weather the several years that it’s taken for the group to come roaring back into the spotlight where they need to be.

This time around the band is going to be taking a stab at the political environment that’s encapsulated the country as of now and will be doing their best to show solidarity among those that have been feeling the pinch of the current tragedies and difficulties that have been taking place. When it comes to having a platform to speak from about such things music is one of the greatest that can be used to reach this many people and it’s one of the most enjoyable. mediums in which people can take important lessons and cues from those that they admire and look up to. Pearl Jam has been one of the most loved bands for a couple decades now and has always been one of the most anticipated when it comes time for them to go on tour again.

In fact they’re now getting close to their third decade of performing and haven’t lost a step along the way. People all over the world clamor to reach the venue they’re playing in when they’re in town, and their political stance hasn’t managed to alienate that many people since they tend to follow their own beat and manage to attract people of like mind who are in love with their music. Growing up this was one of the bands that some people actually didn’t think would amount to much but managed to start topping the charts left and right to the disbelief of their few detractors. Junior high and high school was made a little more tolerable by their music and their message was usually easy to see and hear in each song as Vedder sang about subjects that really hit to the core of many people and created a sound that was unique and just flat out awesome.

To hear that they’re going back on tour is equally great since at this time they have a wide number of venues in which they’re going to be appearing. Whether or not they’re coming to your town or somewhere close by is the question, but there are a lot of people that won’t let something like distance keep them from attending. After all this is one of the 90’s-era bands that helped raise the bar for rock and roll yet again and created a sound that no one has managed to replicate yet.

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