10 Things You Didn’t Know about Parker Stevenson

Parker Stevenson

Parker Stevenson may be approaching 70, but he is not ready to draw the curtains on his career. Having been born to an actress, Parker was exposed to life in front of cameras from an early age. However, he soon came to realize that even after doing hundreds of commercials and starring in various television series, being behind the camera was more fulfilling for him. He can now proudly call himself an accomplished photographer, though he continues to balance photography with his acting career. Here is everything else you need to know about him.

1. He is humble

The moment most people spend a minute on television, they tend to view themselves as celebrities and have an air of arrogance around them. However, Parker does not consider himself a star. In fact, he does not even think of himself as a teen idol, yet he spent years influencing teenagers through the series “The Hardy Boys”. In his opinion, it is not because he is a great actor that he became popular; if anyone else had received the same publicity on the show, they too would have become famous.

2. He has a passion for photography

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and Parker believes in this age-old expression. When asked by Zoomer what he loves most about photography, Parker revealed that it is his way of expression. Therefore, for anyone looking to know more about him, Parker suggests they look at his pictures, and they will reveal more than any interview ever will. He has become such an expert photographer that he even participates in conventions, and the images he displayed in PhotoNOLA sold out.

3. His first commercial credit

At age fourteen, the teenage hormones were urging Parker to be more adventurous, so he couldn’t stay in the house all summer long doing nothing. As a result, his mother encouraged him to try out for a commercial in New York. However, getting the job wasn’t as easy as he had anticipated, but there is always hope at the end of the tunnel. Consequently, during his last week of summer before heading back home, Parker was fortunate enough to land a Clearasil commercial, which earned him a considerable amount of money.

4. He does not ever want to be a wedding photographer

Once bitten, twice shy. Parker had a bad experience as a wedding photographer, and he has never wanted to do it again. His interest in photography developed during his adolescent years, but he had yet to make any money from it. An opportunity presented itself when a neighbor asked him to take pictures for their wedding, and Parker agreed despite having no prior experience. In the end, he managed to capture beautiful images; however, the stress of having to constantly reload film and having batteries die mid-job was enough to deter him from ever wanting to take wedding pictures again.

5. He studied architecture

Parker attended Princeton University, where he studied architecture. However, the degree did not lead him to pursue a career in the field, as he felt he was not ready to commit after graduating. Instead, he considered joining New York University to study business, but his newfound interest in acting got in the way. Still, he was able to make use of his architectural knowledge in photography, as he told Smashing Interviews Magazine.

6. He is happy being single

At 67, Parker is not interested in dating, which makes you wonder if his marriage experience was so bad that he never wants to be in a relationship again. The actor was married to Kirstie Alley for 15 years, but he revealed they were never on the same page. After divorcing in 1997, by 2013 it seemed like the couple was not in good terms because Parker could not comment on her life. That does not mean he does not enjoy the joy of fatherhood; although the two children he has with Kirstie are adopted, Parker loves them to the moon and back.

7. How he got into full-time acting

After graduation, the question that plagued Parker’s mind was, “What next?” Even the architectural degree he had just finished studying was not providing him with any satisfaction. However, Parker’s future suddenly opened up when he was offered an acting job for “The Hardy Boys”, as the producers had seen him in several other movies. Desperately in need of a job, he figured it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try and, as it turned out, it was a life-changing decision.

8. His favorite show in which he has starred

It is hard for a mother to pick a favorite among her children; similarly, actors don’t usually reveal which of the shows they have starred in are their favorites. However, Parker doesn’t hesitate to cite “Probe” as his best. In his interview with Classic Film & TV Café, the actor said that he did the series for ABC in 1988 and, although it struggled in the ratings, he loved it because he could relate to it.

9. How he has managed to be an actor for so long

There are many actors who Hollywood no longer casts, but Parker Anderson is still landing major roles in shows. He always wanted a career that would allow him to meet new people and explore new opportunities. Much like Burt Reynolds, whose secret to a successful career is to persist even when he knows there are many more handsome and talented actors, Parker also believes that is what has kept him in the industry.

10. He keeps in touch with his co-star Shaun Cassidy

Some co-stars cannot stand each other, were it not for the paycheck, while some develop lifelong friendships even after the cameras stop rolling. One such celebrity friendship that remains till today is that of Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox, but another strong bond was created on the set of “The Hardy Boys” as Shaun and Parker still meet at least once a year.

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