Our Thoughts on the First Week of Destiny 2’s Season of the Splicer

season of the splicer

Season of the Splicer has wrapped up its first week in Destiny 2, and now it’s onto the first week of Iron Banner and our second destination for Override (this one’s on the Moon!) After a pretty decent last season (Season of the Chosen), Season of the Splicer is actually off to a fantastic start as far as the story, the loot, and the brand new Override activity that was all added into the game last Tuesday. Crucible, on the other hand, well we’re not going to talk about that (if you’ve been following Destiny at all recently, you’ll know that Stasis is still in a pretty rough spot.) So, what do we think about Season of the Splicer so far?


The story within Season of the Splicer is very good so far; it follows the Guardian, Ikora, and Lakshmi-2 (the leader of the Future War Cult), for some reason as we form an unexpected alliance with the Fallen and Mithrax (well, actually it’s “Misraaks” but the Guardians call him Mithrax), and the rest of House Light. Why do we form this alliance, you ask? Well, the Vex have purged the Last City of its sunlight and plunged the entirety of the Last City into a Vex simulation of an “endless night.” Mithrax is one of the last “Sacred Splicers” which allows him to essentially become one with the machines, and Ikora believes that he is the key to defeating the Vex, so we form an alliance with the House of Light and give them a home in what was previously the final arena in the Scourge of the Past Raid. While we’re only a week into the story, it seems to only be getting better, and we’re sure to get even more story every Tuesday (hopefully,) so I would definitely say that this season is shaping up to be one of the best seasons in the history of Destiny – at least story-wise. Hopefully it doesn’t end up falling flat towards the end like Season of the Chosen.


Loot. Sweet, precious loot. Like popular Destiny YouTube content creator MoreConsole, we all love the loot that Destiny brings us, and the Season of the Splicer loot is some of the best that we’ve gotten in recent seasons. I’m not exactly the biggest fan of the new perks that were introduced this season (Tunnel Vision isn’t great, Cornered is just Surrounded but weird, Danger Zone is just Surrounded but also weird), except for some of the leaked Raid weapon perk that I won’t talk about here, but from what I’ve seen it will be very nice. While I don’t really care for many of the perks this season, I am absolutely loving the loot aesthetic with the whole 80s-synth-Tron vibe that Bungie has created for this season. It’s not something that I would have ever expected from Destiny, but I am so glad that it happened, because it is one of my absolute favorite Destiny aesthetics of all time. This is also the first season in which the seasonal armor was actually removed from the Season Pass, and I still think that was a great idea, because it now gives players an incentive to actually participate in the seasonal Override activity. (Side note: I’m still not a huge fan of the seasonal Exotic, Cryosthesia 77K.)


In Season of the Chosen, we had Battlegrounds; in Season of the Splicer, we have a new seasonal activity called Override. I said in the beginning of Season of the Chosen that Battlegrounds was actually a fun activity, but the longer the season went on the less fun I found it to be. So, I’m not going to say that Override will continue to be as fun as it is now, but seeing as there’s a reason to grind it (and you don’t need to do a whole bunch of other stuff to get Hammer Charges) and because it is a new 6-person matchmade activity, it does seem to have some potential there. That being said, I have no clue if there will be any additional variety between other destinations (we’ve got the Moon destination arriving soon – at least from writing this on Monday), so I have no clue how well it’ll hold up through the rest of the season.

Overall, I’m really liking Season of the Splicer. The story is good so far, outside of the subpar perks I think that the loot is really awesome, and Override seems to be a pretty decent seasonal activity. Hopefully it gets even better as we progress throughout the season, especially with Vault of Glass coming back on Saturday.

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